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Installation Overview --Naval Station Mayport, Florida


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Installation Overview --Naval Station Mayport, Florida
Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

All personnel transferring to Naval Station Mayport are required to contact the Housing Welcome Center (HWC) located in Building 289 prior to making any off-base commitments. Naval Station Mayport has 1178 permanent party/shipboard spaces located at Hayward Hall, Halsey Hall, Buildings 1586, 1587,MCPON Delbert D. Black and Building 2234. Space is available to shipboard Sailors in pay grades E1-E3, E4 less than 4 years of service and E1-E3 rotational and E1-E3 non-rotational personnel.

Mayport housing is undergoing a major renovation. At any one time, one-third of base housing is empty because of the renovation. Because of this, the waiting list is long and the wait for housing is from 8-12 months. Military personnel, E-1 and above, with accompanying family members, are eligible for housing at Mayport. Mayport employs a "one bedroom per child" rule and E-7s and above qualify for a minimum of three bedrooms. The waiting list for government housing varies by the size of the unit. There are several different family housing units located at Mayport and in the surrounding area: Bennett Shores, E-1 through E-9 and O-1 through O-7 Enlisted and Junior Officer housing ; Ribault Bay Village (located near the Exchange), E-1 through E-6 Enlisted housing; Johnson/801, E-1 through E-6.

Resident Advisers are only authorized as needed to maintain senior military presence in Bachelor Housing and may have a waiting list. Geographical Bachelors will only be housed if space is available; it is strongly recommended to seek housing in the local community as Bachelor Housing maintains a high occupancy rate.

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