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Installation Overview --Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst, New Jersey


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Main Phone Numbers
Installation Overview --Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst, New Jersey

NAVAIR Lakehurst employees form human characters in front of famous Hangar 1.

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

Base Operator DSN: 624-1110 (732) 323-2011

Billeting/Quarters 624-2266/2193 (732) 323-2266/2193

Branch Dental Clinic Lakehurst 732-323-2158

Branch Medical Clinic Lakehurst 732-323-2204; DSN:624

CBH Billeting Office 732-323-2266; DSN: 624-2266

CBQ BILLETING OFFICE: Check-In Desk 732-323-2266 DSN: 624-2266

Central Appointments - Clinic 732-323-4854

Child Develoment Center 732-323-2260

Community Housing 732-323-1407 DSN: 624-1407

Exceptional Family Member Program Liaison 732-323-1248 DSN: 624-1248

Family Housing Office 732-323-2570 DSN: 624-2570

Fleet and Family Support Center 732-323-1248 DSN: 624-1248

Lakehurst Family Housing 1-732-323-1415/1-800-303-2672

Medical Clinic 732-323-2231 DSN: 624-2231

NAES Dental Clinic 732-323-2158 ;DSN:624

Youth Center Bldg. 732-323-4043

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