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Installation Overview --Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, Washington


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Population/Major Units Assigned
Installation Overview --Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, Washington

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Rick West tours the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine USS Henry M. Jackson and meets with Sailors during his visit to Naval Base Kitsap

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy; photo by: Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Jennifer A. Villalovos

The population of Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor includes: 12,825 Active Duty Military, 14,071 Civilian Employees, 18,700 Family Members, and 11,900 Retirees.

Major Commands include: Commander, Naval Region Northwest; Subase Bangor; Trident Training Facility; Trident Refit Facility; Strategic Weapons Facility, Pacific; Commander Submarine Group Nine; Commander Submarine Squadron 17; Naval Computer Telecommunications Station, Puget Sound; Construction Battalion Unit 418; Personnel Support Activity, Puget Sound, Naval Dental Clinic, Branch Medical Clinic, Transient Personnel Unit, USS ALABAMA, USS ALASKA, USS FLORIDA, USS GEORGIA, USS HENRY M. JACKSON, USS MICHIGAN, USS NEVADA, USS OHIO, USS PARCHE, COMSUBDEVSQD 5, Det Bangor, Det Diving, Det Sierra, Transient Personnel Unit, Navy Band, Navy Disease Vector Ecology Center, Navy Brig.

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