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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station Kingsville, Texas


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview --Naval Air Station Kingsville, Texas
Kingsville is about 45 miles south of Corpus Christi in South Texas on Highway 77. Once in Kingsville, take the Carlos Truan exit. The front gate is about 2 miles east.

If you are arriving in at the Corpus Christi International Airport , contact the Command Duty Officer (CDO) at 361-4386938 for transportation to the station. If the CDO reports military transportation is not available from Corpus Christi International Airport, a taxi to Kingsville will cost approximately $99.00 and is reimbursable on your PCS travel claim.

Directions from Airport

Mile Instruction

* 0.0 Depart Airport Short Term Parking
* 0.4 Bear LEFT (North) onto International Dr
* 0.8 Bear LEFT (West) onto Agnes St
* 1.1 Take Ramp (LEFT) onto SR-44
* 10.2 Turn LEFT (South) onto TX-44 E
* 10.2 Road name changes to US-77 S
* 10.4 Take Ramp onto US-77
* 33.7 Exit - Turn LEFT (South-East) onto FM-425 /Carlos Truan Blvd
* 35.1 Merge onto (E) General Cavazos Blvd
* 35.7 Arrive at NAS Kingsville

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