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Installation Overview -- Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FLorida


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Installation Overview -- Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FLorida

Home of the Jacksonville-based P-3 squadrons, as well as AIMD, ASD, and VR-58.

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville, located in Duval County, Florida is a multi-mission base hosting more than 100 tenant commands. Found next to the west bank of the St. John's River in northeast Florida, it is a 20-minute ride to the heart of the City of Jacksonville. NAS Jacksonville occupies approximately 3,400 acres along the scenic St. John's River. NAS is a master air and industrial base, vital to our nation's defense, that supports United States, NATO, and allied forces worldwide.

Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville is the oldest of three Navy installations in the area and the third largest naval installation in the United States.

Naval Air Station Jacksonvile's mission is to enable naval aviation war fighting readiness. It's Vision is "To be recognized by the War Fighter as the world's finest Naval Air Station."

Official website of Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

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