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Installation Overview --Naval Station Everett, Washington


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Installation Overview --Naval Station Everett, Washington

Constitution Park PPV Housing, Lake Stevens. Housing complex is 10 miles / 20 minutes from Naval Station Everett.

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

The Housing Referral Office is located at Naval Station Everett 2000 West Marine View Drive, Building 2028, Room 115, Everett, WA 98270. They can be reached by calling 425-3043402 or 800-876-7022. Services are available to active duty and retired military as well as DoD personnel.

All family housing is located off Base. Under a Department of Defense Public Private Venture (PPV) initiative, military housing in the Pacific Northwest region is privatized. Currently 288 PPV units are located near the Navy Support Complex north of Marysville at Carroll's Creek Landing. These townhouses consist of 85 two-bedroom units, 175 three-bedroom units and 28 four-bedroom units. Rents are tied to a member's Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). Rent includes water, sewer and trash. Constitution Park, located in the city of Lake Stevens, has over 1/2 of the 141 single unit homes completed.

When applying for PPV housing you must submit a completed DD Form 1746, Application for the Assignment of Military Family Housing along with a copy of current orders, Emergency Data Record (Page 2) and Detaching Endorsement. Applications can be sent in advanced and are available online. However, you will need to visit your local HRO within 30 days of arrival to ensure your application has been activated and bring in your detaching endorsement. Applications mailed or faxed will be placed in the pending file until the arrival of the military member or spouse (with Power of Attorney). Mail should be addressed as follows: Housing Referral Office, Naval Station Everett, 2000 West Marine View Drive, Building 2028, Room 115, Everett, WA 98270. Services are available to active duty and retired military as well as DoD personnel.

Bachelor Housing is available for active duty permanent party residents. Target population for these living quarters is active duty E-4 and below. Currently there are three newly renovated buildings offering living space for 516 Sailors. Recently opened is a new apartment-style complex with over 500 additional spaces. These rooms include fully-equipped kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, closets, and washers and dryers. The Bachelor Housing Front Desk is available 24/7/365 at 425-304-3111 or DSN 312-304-3111.

All Naval Station Everett personnel must check in at the Quarterdeck in Building 2000. Quarterdeck personnel endorse orders and provide basic station information such as billeting and galley location. Assistance is also provided for personnel from homeported ships and tenant commands. The Quarterdeck is available 24/7/365 at 425-304-3366 or DSN 312-727-3366.

There is a large variety of housing options available off-base. For E-1 through E-4, you may need to request off-base housing, priority being given to single sailors assigned to a ship where bachelor housing is not available.

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