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Installation Overview --Commander, Fleet Activities Chinhae, S. Korea


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Installation Overview --Commander, Fleet Activities Chinhae, S. Korea

Chinhae Housing Duplex

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

To apply for Government quarters at Chinhae, submit an Application and Assignment to Military Family Housing, DD Form 1746, along with a copy of orders to the housing organization at the Field Activity. Application forms and orders may be submitted by mail, in person by the sponsor, or by a member of the sponsor's immediate family. Application may be submitted at any time following the reciept of homeport or permanent change of station (PCS) orders. The housing organization, upon reciept of a member's application, will immediately provide the member with a Status of Housing Availability, (DD Form 1747), to inform them of the conditions of assignment to, or the availability of, family housing.

There are 50 family housing units available for military personnel. The units are fully furnished and have standard 120V/60 Hz electrical power. Playgrounds are located within the housing areas. Youth Center, picnic areas, gym, bowling center, commissary, exchange, chapel, library and school are all within walking distance to base housing.

On base housing is generally available to all command sponsored active duty personnel, in the rank of E1 to O5, with minimal or no waiting periods.

Single Service Members can stay in the Base Bachelor Housing. Please make sure your orders and information are emailed/faxed in as soon as you receive orders.

Service members checking into Bachelor Housing (BH) must report to the Combined Bachelor Housing front desk to get a room key and to finish necessary procedure. All residents are required to complete the Registered Sex Offender Addendum and BH application. Combined Bachelor Housing front desk is open from 07:30 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. 7 days a week.

All BH rooms are completely furnished and centrally located for quick access to most facilities. BH requirements by rank:

* E1-E4: shared room and bath 90 SF
* E5-E6: private room, shared bath 135 SF
* E7-E9: private room and bath 270 SF
* O1 and above: private room and bath (O1/O2: 250 SF, O3 and above: 400 SF)

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