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Installation Overview --Commander, Fleet Activities Chinhae, S. Korea


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Installation Overview --Commander, Fleet Activities Chinhae, S. Korea

Front Gate Commander, Fleet Activities Chinhae

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

Commander, Fleet Activities (COMFLEACTS) Chinhae, is adjacent to the Republic of Korea Naval Base, Chinhae, Korea. Chinhae is a port city located in the province of Kyong Sang Nam Do on the southeast coast of Korea.

Chinhae is a small city on the southeast tip of the Korean peninsula, surrounded by the beautiful Jahng Bok San Mountains with a population of around 140,000 people. The language of Chinhae is Korean. Hangul is the written Korean alphabet, which is easy to learn. English is the second language but in the smaller and less cosmopolitan areas it is rarely spoken. The Korean currency is the Won, which you can exchange your dollars for at the Community Bank on-base. The city has a very mild climate. Chinhae is a tourist city, and is especially busy during the springtime when some 160,000 cherry trees blossom. The Chinhae Cherry Blossom Festival is famous worldwide. The city is steep in history and there are many cultural assets to the locality, such as temples, museums, and monuments. The region has many parks and sites of natural beauty, such as the Pugok Hot Springs (45 mins drive approx).

There is a large naval population, of both Korean and U.S personnel. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and US sailors are made to feel very welcome by the locals.

The primary mission of COMFLEACT Chinhae is to maintain and operate facilities, to provide services and materials in support of tenant shore activities and units of the Operating Forces of the U.S. Navy, and to perform such other functions or tasks as maybe directed by higher authority. The mission includes the responsibility to serve as an effective instrument of U.S. foreign policy, by initiating and continuing action programs which promote positive relations between the command and foreign 2 nationals; and assisting individual Naval personnel and their family members to work effectively, live with dignity and satisfaction, and function as positive representatives of the Navy and of the United States while overseas.

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