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Installation Overview --Naval Weapons Station Charleston, South Carolina


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There are no DODD schools; however, Marrington Elementary (101 Gearing St. at 843-572-3373 and Marrington Middle (109 Gearing St. at 843-572-0313) schools are located within the Navy enlisted housing area.

There are four school districts serving Greater Charleston. Each district offers an informative packet of brochures, booklets, and details about curriculum and educational opportunities. Contact your specific school for information.

School registration requires immunizations and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control provided the following information to the State Department of Education. According to the director of DHEC's Division of Immunization, new immunization requirements include the Varicella vaccine (chickenpox) for all children admitted to five-year-old kindergarten and first grade. However, if a child's medical record indicates a positive history of chickenpox, the immunization is not required, but that history also must be recorded on the S.C. Certificate of Immunization. (The S.C. Certificate of Immunization form must be used.) These certificates are available from local physicians, military treatment facilities, as well as local DHEC public health departments. Children entering the fourth and tenth grades must have begun the three-shot series of hepatitis B vaccine. Combined with previous requirements, this means that all children entering kindergarten through fourth, and seventh through tenth grades must have the hepatitis B vaccine. State law requiring the immunizations means "no shots, no school." For more information, call DHEC's toll-free immunization line at 1-800-27-SHOTS.

Children who will be five years of age on or before September 1 must enroll in a public or private kindergarten program unless the parent or legal guardian signs a waiver or chooses to home school their child under the guidelines of South Carolina law. Waiver forms are available at your local school. By state law, students must be in school from age five to 17. When registering your child, you will need to bring: Child's birth certificate (kindergarten and first grade only), child's properly completed immunization certificate, and the child's Social Security card.

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