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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station, Brunswick, Maine


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Installation Overview --Naval Air Station, Brunswick, Maine

McKeen Street officer and senior enlisted housing

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

Naval Air Station Brunswick's government housing has been converted to Public Private Venture (PPV) and is optional. There are currently over 200 housing units available. Marriner's Landing Housing is the only housing area located adjacent to the installation. Other housing areas are also located off the installation, one in Brunswick and the other in Topsham. PPV housing is an option for single service members; however families do have priority.

For the most up-to-date housing information contact the Housing Resource Center at 207-725-9132.

Housing applications must be made on DD 1746 and submitted to the Family Housing Office with a complete copy of orders and a page two by mail, FAX, or in person. Applications may be made anytime following receipt of permanent change of station orders, but placement on the waiting list (effective date of application) will be the member's detachment date from his previous duty station or date reporting to local command if this is your first permanent duty station. If application is received 30 days after reporting to new permanent duty station, the effective date of application will be the date the application is received by the housing office.

The waiting time for base housing can be long and there is no temporary lodging available on base.

Service members checking into Bachelor Housing must report to the Bachelor Housing Office front desk located at Building 512, to check-in and get a room key. This facility is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

All single E-4 and below reside in Bachelor Housing. Single E-5 and above are not required to live in Bachelor Housing. To live off-base rather than in the barracks, you must run a chit through your command and the Bachelor Housing admin office located in Building 2701.

Current Bachelor housing consists of two-story townhouse units opened within the last 3 years. All are completely furnished and centrally located for quick access to the Galley and most hangars. Each unit has laundry and kitchen facilities with a living area on the first floor and two bedrooms with a bathroom on the second floor. Cooking and smoking are not allowed in any bedrooms, there are designated smoking areas. No overnight guests are allowed, check with the barracks quarterdeck for visitor's hours.

There are many housing options off the installation from apartments to houses to mobile homes. Most rental properties require a 6-12 month or longer lease. Be sure your lease includes a military clause. There are very few furnished apartments available. The Housing Referral Office (HRO) described below under Non-Government Housing is your best option for finding a reputable rental property that meets your needs.

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