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Installation Overview --NSA Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain


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The Navy Housing Welcome Center is located in Building 263, aboard U.S. Naval Support Activity Bahrain. To reach the housing office staff, call commercial – from the states to Bahrain: prefix: 011-973 phone number: 1785-4983 or DSN (318) 439-4104.

Living in Bachelor Housing is mandatory for all E-3 and below military, unaccompanied service members assigned to NSA, Bahrain and all of its tenant commands.

The housing brief is required in order to begin the process of searching for housing. Once you have chosen where you would like to live, a lease will be issued – if the tenant has vacated the premises and/or when the place is below the anti-terrorist/force protection – which means that 25 percent of the building, which is higher than four stories, that houses flats [apartments] is occupied by Americans and 50 percent of a villa compound is occupied by Americans. There is currently no waiting period to make arrangements for a lease, since the Housing Office operates on a first-come; first-serve bases. Prior to approval for move-in, all flats and villas will be checked by NSA Security. You must go to the Naval Security Forces office in Building 266 and sign up for this service. After your prospective flat or villa passes the security inspection, you may begin the lease review process, which takes 48 hours, once the lease has been approved by Security. The next step is to sign up, at the Housing Office, to have your lease reviewed, approved and signed. The landloard, or a representative (designated in writing) must be present for the lease signing, which will be witnessed by a Housing Office staffer.

Overseas Housing Allowance for Bahrain is sufficient to cover the cost of rent and utilities to adequately house all military personnel. Department of Defense civilians receive TQSA that plays the same rules. Your allowance is determined by your pay grade. All civilians and E-4 and above are allowed to live off base and receive this allowance.

Voltage in Bahrain is 220v, 50 Hz. All 110v electrical equipment must be used with a transformer and adaptor for European-style outlets. Appliances with timers do not keep correct time. Those with motors run slower, and the change in electrical current wears harder on the motor. Transformers and plug adapters are available in local stores and in the NEX aboard NSA Bahrain. Most US 110 volt items work well by using transformers, such as TVs, DVD, computers, microwaves, etc.

Electricity is expensive in Bahrain. The landlord will include utilities with the rent/lease. It is important to keep in mind that electricity consumption is very high during the hotter months and minimal during the cooler months. Therefore, the electricity allowance is written into the lease on a yearly basis. This allows for the excess allowance during the winter to be captured and applied to the higher charges you will incur in the summer.

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