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Installation Overview --NSA Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain


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Temporary Lodging

Upon arrival, you must go immediately to the Temporary Quarters office to get your orders stamped with the arrival date. If you have advised your sponsor in advance that you are bringing a pet, you will stay at one of three hotels that allow pets. There is no extra cost for pets. Temporary lodging will be in a local hotel for most personnel for up to 45 days with non-availability statement from TQ. Ensure your sponsor knows your arrival date and whether or not you will be bringing a pet. Your sponsor will make your TLA reservation and/or arrangements through TQ office. You must validate and pay for TLA every 10 days while in a temporary lodging status, until your are adequately housed.

If PSCing to NSA, Bahrain you will be assigned temporary lodging for up to 45 days, once you arrive and receive Temporary Lodging Allowance, which you must apply for every 10 days until housed. Detailed brief and/or complete explanation will be given when you attend the housing brief upon arrival.

All personnel will be housed on the local economy, except for E-3 and below who will be housed in the barracks aboard NSA Bahrain. The Housing Office staff will assist you in finding a place to live and with execution of a lease. Rent is paid in Bahraini Dinars and not in U.S. dollars.

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