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Enlisted Rating Insignia

The enlisted rating badge for Petty Officer Third Class and above consists of two parts. The chevrons indicated the pay grade (rate). Between the chevrons and the eagle is a speciality insignia indicating the Sailor's job speciality (rating). These insignia appear in white on blue uniforms and Navy blue on white uniforms. Because of the number, this group has been split into two tables. This table shows the rating insignia for administration, deck, medical, and weapons specialties for those ratings beginning with the letters B through L. The second table is letters M through Y. The other groups are Aviation, Construction, and Engineering.

Admininstration, Deck, Medical
Weapons Specialties

BM - Boatswain's Mate CT - Cryptologic Technician (Note 1) DK - Disbursing Clerk DM - Illustrator Draftsman
DP - Data Processing Technician DS - Data Systems Technician DT - Dental Technician ET - Electronics Technician
EW - Electronics Warfare Technician FC - Fire Controlman FT - Fire Control Technician GM - Gunner's Mate (Note 2)
HM - Hospital Corpsman IS - Intelligence Specialist JO - Journalist LI - Lithographer
LN - Legalman Notes
Note 1: "Cryptologic Technician" consists of six branches:
CTA (Cryptologic Technician - Administration); CTI (Cryptologic Technician - Interpretive); CTM (Cryptologic Technician - Maintenance); CTO (Cryptologic Technician - Communications); CTR (Cryptologic Technician - Collection); and CTT (Cryptologic Technician - Technical).
Note 2: "Gunner's Mate" is used at pay grade E-7 and above. Leading to GM: GMG (Gunner's Mate - Guns) and GMM (Gunner's Mate - Missiles)

Information Courtesy of U.S. Navy

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