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Navy Sexual Harrassment and Discrimination

Sailors are our most precious resource. To ensure mission readiness, every member of the DoN must be afforded an equal opportunity to become a productive member of the Navy team. Unprofessional behavior destroys trust and confidence among leaders and shipmates, erodes unit cohesion and combat readiness, and is contrary to our core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment.

The Navy has a variety of resources available to Sailors filing or handling both informal and formal complaints in response to unprofessional behavior. The recommended first step in conflict resolution, at the informal stage, is to address the offending behavior directly with the party responsible. This can be done verbally or in writing. The complainant may request the assistance of a third party to intervene or request training be presented to the workplace on prevention of unprofessional behavior. Finally, the complainant may request mast with their Commanding Officer.

If the complainant is unable to resolve the issue informally, the following methods are available to file a formal complaint:

*File a Navy Equal Opportunity/Sexual Harassment Formal Complaint Form (NAVPERS 5354/2). This should be filed with the command designated Point of Contact for receiving complaints, often the Equal Opportunity Advisor, Command Managed Equal Opportunity (CMEO) Manager, Command Master Chief (CMC) or Executive Officer (XO).

*Call the Echelon II Command Inspector General or the Navy Inspector General.

*Contact elected officials.

*When applicable, file a UCMJ Article 138 (Complaint of wrongs against the Commanding Officer) or NAVREGS 1150 (Redress of wrong committed by a superior, other than the Commanding Officer). Assistance in filing these complaints may be available from the local Naval Legal Service Office.

Within 72 hours of receipt of a formal complaint of unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment, the command must report it via SITREP to their General Courts-Martial Authority (GCMA) and info addressees CNO WASHINGTON DC/NOOE//, COMNAVPERSCOM MILLINGTON TN/NPC6/NPC61//, Command's Echelon II Commander and Immediate Superior in Command (ISIC). (Formal complaints may take the form of a NAVPERS 5354/2, report chit, IG complaint, congressional inquiry, UCMJ Art 138, NAVREGS Art 1150 or any other means the CO deems appropriate.)

For more information contact the Navy Professional Relationships Division (PERS-61), Navy Personnel Command, Millington, TN via:

Navy Adviceline Phone Number: 1-800-253-0931
Navy Adviceline E-Mail: eo/sh.advice.line@persnet.navy.mil
Navy PERS-61 Website: http://www.bupers.navy.mil/codes/pers6/pers61
DOD and Navy policy/references pertaining to professional behavior:

DOD Directive 1350.2. DOD Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) Program. Outlines the purpose and responsibilities of Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI); requires: command climate assessments, publishing of complaint procedures, feedback to complainant, EO staff personnel to be trained by DEOMI, each Military Department to submit an annual report to ASD (FM&P), and serves as overall guidance to all Services on EO policy.

United States Navy Regulations (1990).
Article 1151 Direct Communication with the CO
Article 1155 Dealings with Members of Congress
Article 1164 Equal Opportunity and Treatment
Article 1165 Fraternization Prohibited
Article 1166 Sexual Harassment
Article 1167 Supremacist Activities

SECNAVINST 1610.2. Department of the Navy (DON) Policy on Hazing. Discusses the definition of hazing, outlines specifically prohibited behaviors and reporting requirements.

SECNAVINST 5300.26C. DON Policy on Sexual Harassment. Defines sexual harassment, illustrates behaviors that may constitute sexual harassment (green, yellow and red zones) and outlines required training.

SECNAVINST 5350. Equal Opportunity (EO) within the DON. Defines equal opportunity, ethnic/ racial categories, discusses mandatory Fitness Report/Evaluation comments and complaint processing.

SECNAVINST 5354.1. DON Policy on Military Equal Opportunity Complaint Processing. Discusses complaint, investigation, follow-up and appeal processes and timelines.

OPNAVINST 5354.1D. Navy Equal Opportunity Manual. Delineates responsibilities throughout the chain of command, and provides discussion on definitions, complaint guidelines, processing, required reporting procedures and format. (See updates/changes in NAVADMIN 080/98, NAVADMIN 176/99, NAVOP 003/99, NAVADMIN CMEO Message)

OPNAVINST 5370.2B. Navy Fraternization Policy. Outlines prohibitions on unduly familiar relationships that may be prejudicial to good order and discipline or of a nature to bring discredit on the Naval service. Discusses responsibilities of seniors throughout the chain of command.

Information Courtesy of U.S. Navy

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