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Navy Fitness Standards
Male -- Age 30-34
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Note: These standards became effective 1 October 2002.

PRT SCORING. The largest concern from the fleet with the previous physical readiness program centered on overall scoring on the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA). As a result, a new scoring system has been developed. Previously, Navy personnel were conditioned to focus on the PFA"score" as an outcome vice a measurement tool because of its former impact on FITREPSs and evals. To build a navy culture of fitness, the new PFA scoring system is designed to illustrate areas where individuals can seek improvement and help to establish obtainable goals.

Additionally, the overall score and the scores for each event of the PFA merely show each individual where they stand in relation to other navy members of the same gender and age group. Once an initial score for an event is established, a new goal can be targeted for the individual to work towards in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Specifically:

(1) The new PRT scoring system assigns points based on performance categories and levels. Scores are averaged to determine the salor's overall PRT performance.


Cagetory Level Points
Outstanding High 100
Outstanding Medium 95
Outstanding Low 90
Excellent High 85
Excellent Medium 80
Excellent Low 75
Good High 70
Good Medium 65
Good Low 60
Satisfactory High 55
Satisfactory Medium 50
Probationary 45


Performance Points Curl-Ups Push-Ups 1.5 Mile Run 500 Yd Swim 450 M Swim
Category Level
Outstanding High 100 98 80 9:20 6:45 6:35
Outstanding Medium 95 97 78 9:45 7:15 7:05
Outstanding Low 90 92 74 10:00 7:45 7:35
Excellent High 85 88 69 10:30 8:15 8:05
Excellent Medium 80 85 67 11:00 8:30 8:20
Excellent Low 75 81 64 11:15 9:00 8:50
Good High 70 73 57 12:00 9:45 9:35
Good Medium 65 59 48 13:00 10:45 10:35
Good Low 60 51 41 13:45 11:45 11:35
Satisfactory High 55 47 38 14:00 12:15 12:05
Satisfactory Medium 50 44 35 14:15 12:30 12:20
Probationary 45 40 31 14:30 13:15 13:05

Following is an overall scoring example:

25 year-old female does 91 curl-ups (excellent high) 85 points; 26 push-ups (good medium) 65 points and completion of the 1.5-mile run in 15:23 (satisfactory high) 55 points. To compute an overall score add individual points (85+65+55). In this case the total points equal 205 points. Next step is to divide the 205 points by three. The resulting number 68, equals to overall score of good medium as shown on the scoring chart. (the category and level score is not achieved until the minimum points corresponding to that category and level are attained. You do not round up).

(2) to establish overall PRT performance, member must perform all three events, push-ups, curl-ups, and a cardiovascular event.

(3) members who are medically waived from an individual PRT event shall not be assigned an overall score.

A probationary performance category is established which sends a clear message to the individual and command that without corrective action, the member is in danger of not attaining standards. Those who score an overall score of probationary shall join individuals who failed the PFA in the command's Fitness Enhancement Program (FEP).

The Command Fitness Leader (CFL) is no longer required to be an R-7 or Senior. However, CFL should normally be E-6 or senior.

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