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Navy Physcial Training Uniform (PTU) Rules


Navy Physcial Training Uniform (PTU) Rules
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Updated July 14, 2008

The Navy has announced the rules for wearing the new physical training uniform (PTU).

The PTU, now available in Navy Exchanges, is required for command and unit physical training, and the semi-annual physical fitness assessment (PFA) beginning October 1. The PTU may also be worn on and off base for fitness or leisure, unless determined otherwise by regional coordinators or commanding officers.

During command exercise in port, the PTU shirt must be tucked into the shorts; during individual PT, or on liberty, shirts may be worn in or out of shorts. At sea, the wearing of the PTU will be at the discretion of the commanding officer.

Shorts must be worn fully on the waist. The length of the shorts may not extend below the top of the knee. Athletic socks must be worn and shall not extend above mid-calf. Low cut socks are permitted. Pregnant sailors will wear the shirt out and will discontinue wearing the PTU when it becomes too tight.

Female sailors will wear a sport or dress brassiere when wearing the PTU.

While on liberty, components of the PTU are authorized to wear individually or collectively. The PTU cannot be worn while in a duty status or when conducting official business on base such as visiting medical treatment, galleys or Personnel Support Detachments.

For complete details, see Navy Administrative Message 191/08.

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