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Navy Inspector General

Navy Inspector General Investigates Accusations


The Office of the Naval Inspector General is charged with exploring allegations of inappropriate behavior on the part of Navy service members, including such things as sexual harassment and retaliation against whistleblowers, as well as conducting investigations into claims of fraud, waste, and mismanagement of funds and resources.

Personnel of all rank are within the Navy inspector general’s purview. The office’s special-inquiries division investigates topmost officials accused of abusing their authority, engaging in unethical conduct or violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Members of Congress can call on this office to make inquiries.

For instance, in 2006, the Navy inspector general launched an investigation in response to concerns raised by members of Congress that Navy police were going without the critical protective gear and communications equipment they needed to safely patrol military installations.

The IG’s office also inspects commands and bases to ascertain whether sailors have a quality working environment, and whether they and their families are being provided with the necessities. The office ensures that these installations are being operated efficiently and in accordance with Navy rules and regulations.

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