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Stationary Bikes on Navy Physical Fitness Tests


Updated January 28, 2007

The Navy is introducing new ways for Sailors to complete the cardiovascular portion of the Physical Readiness Test (PRT). NAVADMIN 11/07 spells out the details for commanding officers use of elliptical trainers and stationary bikes as options to running the PRT.

When commanders approve the options, Sailors who do not wish to run are offered other ways to complete the cardio standard. Any medical issues, however, need close attention. According to the NAVADMIN, Sailors who are medically waived from the 1.5 mile run cannot be required to test using the stationary cycle, elliptical, swim or treadmill options. Sailors and command fitness leaders must ensure any medical waiver states which cardio options are cleared.

The elliptical and cycle tests are both 12-minute fixed-timed tests with a direct correlation to the 1.5 mile run. The goal is to burn as many calories as possible.

Once the user obtains their caloric output from the elliptical or stationary bike, they can input these results into a calculator located on the PRT website. This calculates a run time that can be compared to the 1.5 mile run section of the PRT instruction.

If using these options for the PRT, command fitness leaders (CFL) must ensure Sailors train on the machine and know the safety, setup/start/stop, and testing procedures for that machine prior to testing day.

“These options are challenging events,” according to the NAVADMIN, so Sailors need to know their performance capabilities before taking the test.

CFLs must obtain authorization from their commanding officer to use the elliptical and stationary bike for a PRT. CFLs and Sailors should read NAVADMIN 11/07 to get a list of the correct model numbers of authorized machines that are required to take the test.

Above information courtesy of United States Navy

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