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Military Museums

Military Museums. Online military museums dedicated to the various military services.
  1. Air Force Museums (9)
  2. Army Museums (11)
  3. Coast Guard Museums (2)
  4. Navy Museums (6)

California Military Museum
Military history and heritage as it relates to the state of California.

The Dropzone Virtual Museum
Photos, stories, and news about World War II.

Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles
Description and operating hours for the Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles in Lexington, Nebraska.

Heritage of Eagles Air Museum Museum
Dedicated to the preservation of the Eagle Field Army Air Forces Training Base located at Dos Palos, California.

Hill Heritage Museum
Take a virtual tour of aerospace history.

Index of Land Warfare Systems
A massive index of Military Land-based weapons systems, including detailed descriptions, uses, and ranges.

MacArthur Memorial
View exhibits from the General Douglas MacArthur Memorial, located in downtown Norfolk, VA.

Medal of Honor Museum
Information about the Medal of Honor Museum, located in Chattanooga, TN.

Michigan's Military and Space Museum
Site dedicated to the memories of the men and woman that served our country and the state of Michigan. Lots of hero-stories, photos, and fact sheets.

National Air and Space Museum
Information about the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

The National Infantry Museum
Established at the Home of the U.S. Infantry in 1959 to honor the infantryman and his more than two centuries of proud service to the nation.

Texas Military Forces Museum
Military history and information about the military as it relates to the State of Texas.

The Wall
Database which contains all of the names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

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