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Misc. Military Items

Military Surplus & Shopping - Misc Military Items.

ASVAB Study Guides
The Armed Forces Vocational Appitude Battery (ASVAB) is the test used by the United States Military to determine eligibility to join, as well as job qualifications. Using a Study Guide to help prepare can increase ASVAB test scores significantly. Here are some of the best guides available.

Global Positioning System (GPS) Receivers
There are several Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers on the market today, ranging from just over $130 to several thousands of dollars. GPS's use military satellite transmissions to help you determine exactly where you are at any given point in time, and come in a wide variety of sizes and offer a large range of functions.

Military Gift Ideas
Whether for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions, it can be pretty hard sometimes to choose that special gift for a military person. Here are a few recommendations for that special military person in your life.

Top 10 Books About Joining the Military/Basic Training
Joining the military and/or graduating from military basic training is no longer a simple matter. A smart candidate will prepare him/herself not only to see a recruiter, but before leaving for boot camp. In addition to the information you can find right here in our About.com U.S. Military pages, here are the books we recommend.

An extensive collection of antique militaria including medals, miniatures, clothing, tankards, and photos.

Top Films About Military Life
From About's Guide to Classic Films. Some of the best military films ever made.

Army and Air Force Exchange Service
This highly developed electronic commerce site enables service members to order everything from military uniforms to CD players.

Large selection of batteries for military and law enforcement radios and equipment from Chief Supply.

Body Armor
Body Armor from Jones Surplus.

Body Armor & Vests
Brand-name bullet proof vests and body armor accessories at discounted prices from BulletProofME.com.

Warrior Books
Assorted books about the USMC and SEAL work-out and self defense, from J.T. Knives.

Camouflage Netting
Full, one-half, and one-quarter sheets are available from Barre Army-Navy. Camouflage Spray Paint is also available.

Cassette tapes of cadence songs and other military songs from Ted's Military Sales.

Chemical Suits
Chemical and MOPP Suits from IMS.

Information, locations, and operating hours for military commissaries all over the World.

Compact Discs
Marine and bugle music from Ted's Military Sales.

Customized Military Items
Customized unit goods and other military items, from Military.com.

Defense Property Disposal Office
Buy directly from DRMO.

Diecast Minatures
CR Grace LLC dba Military Diecast Shop has diecast military minatures (such as military aircraft and armour) at reasonable prices. The site also has an extensive section devoted to painting and customizing military minatures.

Dog Tags
High quality stainless steel dogtags, for $6.99 a set, from DogtagsOnline.

Dog Tags
Selection of current-issue dog tags, Korean-war style, medical tags, colored tags, and more.

Duct Tape
Duct tape, also known as "100 MPH," or "Speed" Tape.

Evident Tape
Tamper-proof tape to seal against pilferage.

Flag Cases
These handsome flag cases are American made, and crafted from solid wood and available in a variety of styles and wood finishes. Proudly display your loved one’s burial flag, or military retirement flag for generations to come.

Military service and unit flags, as well as some misc flags.

Foot Lockers
Military foot lockers from IMS.

Gas Masks
Meets or exceeds U.S. Army C2 Filter requirements for NBC. From American Gas Masks.

Gas Masks
Nuclear/Biological/Chemical Gas Masks from Civilian Gas Mask.com

Gas Masks & Chemical Suits
Selection of British and Russian gas masks and chemical suits.

Gas Masks
Israeli gas masks, complete with filters.

Gas Masks
Canadian Military gas masks from Genuinegasmasks.com

Gas Masks
Selection of gas masks, filters, and accessories.

General Services Administration
Buy used Government supplies and equipment from the General Services Administration. (GSA).

Gifts & Specialty Items
A selection of gifts and specialty items from Chief Supply.

Tactical safety goggles from Bestdefense.com.

Global Positioning System from IMS.

Dummy grendades and dummy ammo.

The Head Blade
Razor Blade System specifically designed for shaving the head.

IMS "On Sale" Items
Special military surplus items currently on sale at IMS.

Levy/Latham Global
Over 31,000 lots of surplus military equipment. A search engine helps you locate items for sale.

Medical Equipment
Large selection of EMT, EMS, and medical equipment from Chief Supply.

Military History Videos
Warner Home Video's mulitmedia web site for the new Military History collection. The collection covers some of the greatest military battles of the 20th century. The Site offers free streaming video clips from the DVDS', as well as a photo gallery and Militay history discussion boards. Clips can be viewed with either RealPlayer or Windows Media Player and are compact enough for dial up users.

Military Surplus Dealers and Manufacturers
Alphabetical listing of dozens of Web page links, addresses, and phone numbers of licensed military surplus dealers and manufacturers.

Military Surplus Specials
Ever changing list of items on special at Ted's Military Sales.

Misc Supplies
Misc. military surplus items from IMS.

Misc Surplus
Velcro, parachute cord (550 cord), camouflage paint, canvas tarps, chem lights, cadence tapes, and other misc supplies from Barre Army-Navy.

Mounted Medal Sets (Presento)
Customized mounted sets of military medals to be used for gifts and presentations.

Parachute Cord
Military parachute cord (also known as "550 cord).

Military parachutes from IMS.

Phantom Lights
Selection of "Stealth Lights," including map lights, vehicle lights, indicator lights, and more.

Posters and Cadence Tapes
Military Recruiting Posters and cadence tapes from IMS.

U.S. Military surplus radio equipment for land, sea and air, from Columbia Electronics International.

Radio & Pager Cases
Selection of radio, cell phone, and pager cases from Chief Supply.

Service Flags & Lapel Buttons
Richard R. Gideon Flags is licensed by the Department of Defense for the manufature and sell of United States Military Service Flags and Lapel Buttons.

Military sunglasses from IMS.

Tactical Training Gear
Protective clothing for tactical training from Bestdefense.com.

Assorted Videos
Videos about Marine Corps Hand-to-Hand Combat, the SEAL Exercise Video, the USMC Work Out, and more, from J.T. Knives

Marine Videos
Videos about the U.S. Marine Corps. Noteworthy is a 50 minute video about Marine Boot Camp.

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