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Military Legislation

Military Legislation. Find out what Congress, the Senate, and the President are trying to do for (or to) you this year and send an email to your representative.

Gays in the Military -- An Overview of the Don't Ask, Don't T…
It may surprise some of you to learn that homosexuals are allowed to serve in today’s United States Military. They can serve, but they can’t engage in homosexual activities while in the military, nor can they tell anyone about their sexual preference. To do either is a basis for involuntary discharge. That’s the backbone of the current “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law.

Casualty Hoaxes
The Stop Terrorist and Military Hoaxes Act of 2004 (18 USC 1038), makes it a crime to convey false or misleading information about the status of a service member during a time of armed conflict.

Payday Loans
One of the provisions of the FY 2007 Military Authorization Act, makes it illegal for creditors to grant payday loans and car title loans to military members. The change also prohibits charging more than 36 percent interest to military borrowers.

Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights in a Nutshell
The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) protects the job rights of individuals who voluntarily or involuntarily leave employment positions to undertake military service. USERRA also prohibits employers from discriminating against past and present members of the uniformed services, and applicants to the uniformed services.

Plan to Double Death Benefits
Pentagon leaders and Capitol Hill legislators want to increase the current available combined government death benefit for families of fallen servicemembers by about $250,000.

Employment & Reemployment Rights.
The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) was signed on October 13, 1994. The act provides employment and reemployment rights for individuals who leave their jobs due to military service, whether such service is active duty, the Reserves, or the National Guard.

Feres Doctrine
Famous Supreme Court Decision which states that active duty military cannot sue the government for injuries received incidental to military service.

House Committee on Veteran Affairs
Up-to-date, comprehensive, complete information on legislation action concerning Veterans.

Know your Congressman/Senator
Complete listing of U.S. Congress/Senate with contact information, biography, voting record, and lobby group performance rating.

Library of Congress
Search the Library of Congress for pending and passed military legislation.

Military Uniform Wear
On October 31st of each year, small children dress up in costumes and go door-to-door begging strangers for candy. Some of these folks, both small and tall will be wearing replicas of United States Military Uniforms. Is that legal? Can you dress up your little Rambo to look like a United States Army Officer?

National Defense PAC
Organization dedicated to supporting retired military, guardsmen, reservists, & veterans running for election to U. S. Congress.

Patriotic Societies
Title 36 of the United States Code, which governs the establishment of patriotic organizations.

Posse Comitatus
Brief explanation and history of the Posse Comitatus Act, the law which prohibits using military personnel for law enforcement purposes.

Posse Comitatus - A Legal View
Brief article about Posse Comitatus, the law which prohibits using military forces for law enforcement activities.

Protect our Flag!
A group of individuals and organizations that support passage of an amendment to the Constitution to protect the U.S. Flag from physical desecration.

United States Code
Complete online text for the United States Code. This page also contains a searchable text database to help look up specific areas of the code.

Write Often
Find out who your congressmen and representatives are and send them an email.

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