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Personal Military Sites (Home Pages)

Personal Military Sites (Home Pages). Military-related personal home pages. Includes personal pages for specific units, history, memorials, tributes, and more.

1/92nd Field Artillery Association
Dedicated to veterans of 1/92nd FA, their families and friends.

11th Armored Cavalry
Home Page for M Company of the 11th Armored Cavalry. Photos, news, events, and reunions.

1st Battalion 61st Infantry Regiment
Over 400 photos, 200 pages, and 22 maps about the history of the 1st Battalion, 61st Infantry Regiment.

314 Infantry Div, WWII
Reunion information and combat history of the 314th Inf Reg, 79th Recon Troop and 79th Inf Div, WWII.

509th Airborne Infantry
509th Airborne Infantry site, operated by former 509th paratroopers.

86th Blackhawk Division
Information about the 86th Blackhawk Division in WWI and WWII. Includes reunion information and history.

Col. Keith Lindell Memorial Website
Brief historical overview of Keith G. Lindell, USMA Class of Jan. 1943.

Endless Journey
Dedicated to the Navy Mobile Riverine Force in Vietnam from 1967 to 1970.

Hawaiian Aviation History
Dedicated to the preservation of aviation history in Hawaii.

Iron Butterfly
This site has been established to remember those brave men who served from 1968 to 1970 in River Section 544 and River Division 593 known as the Iron Butterfly, both were part of Operation Gamewarden, during the Vietnam War.

Jim Hart's Military Dedication Page
Site describing Jim's 20 years in the Air Force, dedicated to the military members of all the services.

Lest We Forget
Rememberance Site dedicated to, and with basic information and links for veterans of all U.S. wars and conflicts.

McBurney's JunkPile
13th IR 8th ID WWII, genealogy, music, and a little bit over everything else.

Military Memories
An attractive page dedicated to the support of the military veteran, family, and friends.

Military Police Association
Links to various military police units and military police-related information sites.

Sailors United for Self Defense
Community dedicated to the discussion and investigation of the 1992 death of Navy sailor Allen Richard Schindler.

The Air Cavalry
Information on the Air Cavalry to include the helicopters and armament; Survival techniques; and the Los Alamitos Airfield.

The Historic George Field
Dedicated to the memory and preservation of George Field, Ill.

The Woman Marine Web Ring
A site dedicated to bringing together on world wide web, all women who have earned the right to call themselves: "United States Marines!"

Tribute To William "Billy" McGonigle
POW/MIA Page for PFC William D. McGonigle, United States Marine Corps.

USS Brewton
Information, history, contact information, photos, reunions, and more about the USS Brewton (FF-1086).

USS Hope
Site dedicted to the men and women who served on the USS Hope (AH-7).

USS Gillette
Homepage dedicated to the USS Gillette (1943 - 1947).

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