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Top 24 Military Combat Flight Simulators


Who doesn't like to spend an afternoon revving up their computer to shoot down enemy MIGs? We've taken a look at some of the top military combat flight simulator games on the market.

1. Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War

Rise of Flight: Iron Cross Edition on Vimeo by Jim Kallinen
Jim Kallinen/Flickr
Rise of Flight is a state-of-the-art PC flight simulation title that sets a new standard in fidelity, beauty and realism. The game puts you right in the pilot’s seat of the greatest World War 1 aircraft (Spad 13.C1, Fokker D. VII, Albatros D. Va and the Nieuport 28.C1). Historical references and modern computer graphics were combined to render more than 100,000 square kilometers of French countryside that is disfigured by a terribly cratered battlefield. You can rise through the ranks from a green Lieutenant all the way to full Colonel.
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2. Microsoft Flight Simulator X Delux

Microsoft's newest flight simulator software. This is not actually a combat flight simulator, but there are several available add-ons that allow you to fly US Military aircraft on the world's most realistic flight simulator program.
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3. Microsoft Flight Simulator X

There are plenty of combat flight simulator add-ons (see below) available for the world's most popular flight simulator software.
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4. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

The problem with Microsoft Flight Simulator X is that it requires a powerful and fast computer to operate effectively. There are plenty of combat flight add-ons available for this older version of Microsoft Flight Simulator (see below).
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5. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002

If you don't own a power-house computer, you might want to check out Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 to run your combat flight simulator add-ons.

6. Warbirds 3 PC

Fight online in some of the biggest battles of World War II such as Midway, the Battle of Britain and Pearl Harbor. Control more than 40 different World War II combat vehicles, including ships, planes, and tanks, while planning and executing the actual battles.
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7. Warbirds Extreme: Warriors In The Sky

Warbirds Extreme Warriors in the Sky is designed for Combat Flight Simulator 2 and Flight Simulator 2002. Fly the following aircraft: Fairchild Ind. A-10 Thunderbolt II, Northrop T-38 Talon, Lockheed Martin F-16C Falcon, Boeing/McDonnell-Douglas F-15C, Boeing/McDonnell-Douglas F-15E, Lockheed Martin's B-2.

8. Warbirds of WWII

Corsair, Thunderbolt, P-38, Mosquito and Spitfire - join forces in a great value pack! War bird fans are in for a real treat with these classic aircraft that have all been re-created to the highest levels of detail and accuracy for Flight Simulator X and 2004.
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9. Lock On: Modern Air Combat

Lock On is the only modern day flight simulation game to combine high fidelity with a broad choice of aircraft. The game is filled with action-packed missions, realistic flight modelling and flexible game options that provide unlimited game play.
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10. Enemy Engaged 2

Modern helicopter combat simulation with realistic flight physics. Over 300.000 square kilometers of flying area over Lebanon, Taiwan and Korea.
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