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Military Pay and Benefits


Military members receive base pay based on their rank and time in service. There are other special pays and allowances which are paid under certain circumstances. In addition, military members receive substantial benefits, such as medical care, dental care, discount shopping, education assistance, and other benefits.
  1. Military Pay
  2. Housing and Housing Allowances
  3. Misc. Allowances
  4. Special Pays
  1. Re-Enlistment Bonuses
  2. Education Benefits
  3. Misc. Benefits

Military Pay

Military members recive a monthly base pay which is based on their rank and time in service. Active duty members receive full-time pay, while guard an reserve members (who are not on active duty) receive part-time pay, or drill pay, depending on the number of drills they perform each month. Military pay is subject to income taxes unless it is earned in a designated combat zone.

Housing and Housing Allowances

The Military offers free or substidized housing to all its members. Single (unmarried) junior enlisted generally live on-base in the barracks, or dormitories. Senior unmarried enlisted members and single officers usually live off-base and receive a monthly housing allowance. Married members live on-base in government family housing, or on/off-base in contract housing, or off base, receiving a housing allowance. Housing allowances are not taxable.

Misc. Allowances

Military members may be entitled to one or more special allowances depending on circumstances. In most cases, these allowances are not subject to income tax.

Special Pays

Military members may be entitled to extra pay, depending on the circumstances. These special pays are subject to income tax, unless earned in a designated combat zone.

Re-Enlistment Bonuses

Enlisted members who agree to re-enlist into jobs that the service considers to be undermanned or critically manned may be entitled to a monetary re-enlistment bonus. Such bonuses are usually calculated using a "multiplier," assigned to that job, the member's current base pay, and the number of years the member is re-enlisting for.

Education Benefits

The ability to begin, continue, or complete a college education is a valuable benefit. Through the Mongtomery G.I. Bill and Military tuition assistance programs, the U.S. Armed Forces offers its members the ability to obtain higher education.

Misc. Benefits

Military members are entitled to various benefits, including discount shopping, recreation activities, Space-Available aircraft travel, leave (vacation time), medical and dental care, and more.

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