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Military Pay and Financial Matters

Resources and information about military pay issues and financial matters concerning military personnel, including pay charts, pay & benefit information, bonuses, special pay, housing allowance, separate rations, and more.
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What Congress has in Store for You in 2010
The major military pay and benefit changes being considered by Congress for 2010.

Historic Military Pay Raises
This chart depicts yearly military pay raises, average private sector raises, and the pay gap between military and civilian pay from 1976 to present.

Incentives for Army Captains
Certain Army captains who agree to stay in the Army past their normal date of separation are being offered a "menu of incentives" if they agree to stay in. The incentives include the choice of a lump-sum cash bonus, attendance at a fully funded graduate school, or an option to attend the Defense Language Institute and learn a foreign language.

Bush Veto's 2008 Military Pay Raise Act
In a surprise move, the President has vetoed HR 1585, the 2008 Defense Authorization Act. This means that U.S. Military personnel will not receive the 3.5 percent raise in military pay authorized by the act on January 1. Instead, troops will receive a raise of 3.0 percent, which is an automatic adjustment for inflation required by previous law.

What's the Deal with Your 2008 Military Pay Raise?
Congress has been mucking around with the FY 2008 Defense Authorization act for months. For weeks and weeks, the bill has been stalled in the Senate/House Conference Committee. If not passed in time for the President to sign the bill into law before January 1, it could have far-reaching effects on military pay and benefit changes. So, what's the deal?

Committee Recommends Big Changes to Military Pay System
A committee that's spent the past year studying the military compensation system is recommending sweeping changes that, if approved, would bring military compensation more on par with private-sector compensation.

Military Pay Documents
A new Defense Department policy asks servicemembers, government civilians and retirees to obtain needed pay documents from an online Web site. Having DoD customers obtain pay documents such as leave-and-earnings and tax statements via computer rather than having hard copies mailed to them is envisioned to provide hefty savings.

Pay Raise in 2006?
A 3.1 percent military basic pay hike, higher housing allowances and more healthcare and educational benefits for the National Guard and Reserve are all part of the president's proposed fiscal 2006 defense budget unveiled in Washington.

Special Operations Forces Retention Incentives
The Department of Defense recently approved a new retention incentive package for Special Operations Forces (SOF) aimed at maintaining combat readiness and keeping experienced operators in uniform.

Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay
A special pay of $150 per month, for performing hazardous military duties, known as Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay.

Korea Tour Bonus (Air Force)
Airmen who volunteer to extend their tours of duty in South Korea may be eligible for an extra $300 per month. The test program will be offered until December 2005. Airmen who volunteer to serve a 24-month unaccompanied or 36-month accompanied tour before leaving their current duty station will be offered $300 per month for the duration of the tour.

Pay & Allowances
All-Hands magazine article with detailed information about military pay and allowances.

Military Compensation Calculator
This calculator will compute your regular military compensation based on your inputs. Regular military compensation is the approximate amount of an equivalent civilian salary.

Guard/Reserve Drill Pay Calulator
This online calculator will compute your base pay for any indicated number of drill periods.

An "allotment" is when the military automatically takes money out of your military paycheck and sends it to someone else. There are two types of military pay allotments: discretionary and non-discretionary.

Searchable Database for Cost of Living Allowance for military personnel stationed in certain high-cost areas in the Continental United States.

COLA (CONUS) Overview
Basic explaination of Cost of Living Allowance for military personnel stationed in certain high-cost areas in the Continental United States.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cost of Living Allowance for military personnel stationed in certain high-cost areas in the Continental United States.

COLA (Overseas) Rates
Searchable Database for Cost of Living Allowance for military personnel stationed in certain high-cost areas overseas.

COLA (Overseas) Overview
Basic explaination of Cost of Living Allowance for military personnel stationed in certain high-cost areas overseas.

COLA (Overseas) FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Cost of Living Allowance for military personnel stationed in certain high-cost areas overseas.

Combat Zone Savings Account
The Savings Deposit Program is available only to those serving in designated combat zones. Military members deployed in combat zones, qualified hazardous duty areas, or certain contingency operations may deposit all or part of their unallotted pay into a DOD savings account up to $10,000 during a single deployment, and receive 10% interest.

Combat Zone
A member assigned to or deployed to a combat zone receives combat pay at the rate of $225 per month. Being assigned to or working in a combat zone triggers also triggers a tax advantage.

Credit and Debt Management
Pages and Pages of resources to help in managing your credit or assist with debt problems.

Suggestions and information for military personnel about dealing with debt.

Defense Finance and Accounting Service
Home Page for the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS). Current pay charts and pay information.

Deployment Pay
As part of the Fiscal Year 2000 Military Appropriations Act (four years ago), Congress passed a provision that mandated that DOD pay members $100 per day for any days they are deployed that exceed 400 days in any 740 day period.

DOD Pay and Allowances Appeal Decisions
Previous appeal decisions by DOD for waiver and remission claims submitted by military personnel.

Food Stamp Allowance
Under the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal 2001, qualifying servicemembers can receive up to $500 a month with the new family subsistence supplemental allowance (FSSA). The program was designed to help families currently on food stamps. Although this allowance does target those families, all total force members may apply.

FY 2002 Basic Pay Charts
Paycharts which reflect what military base pay will be, beginning on 1 Jan 02.

FY 2003 Pay Raise
Next year's ( military pay raise looks like a "done deal." Both the House and the Senate's Armed Service's Committees have accepted President Bush's proposal for a military pay raise. Unless something changes during negotiations it looks like the pay raise proposal submitted by the Bush Administration is the plan that will be included in the final bill.

Hardship Duty Pay
Military personnel assigned to these designated "Hardship" areas are authorized additional monthly pay.

Lending Scams Target Military
Drive close to any military installation, and you'll probably pass three pawnshops, and two Cash Advance and two Florida Internet businesses. Many of these companies are scams, targeting young, inexperienced military members.

Managing your Finances
DOD Article with tips on managing your personal finances.

Military Pay Overview
Part 5 of What the Recruiter Never Told You, the ultimate guide to joining the United States Military. In Part 5, an overview of military pay, including base pay and special pays.

Military Service Credit for Federal Civilian Retirement
In general, military service can be credited to Federal Government Employee Retirement, if the employee makes a contribution to the retirement fund of seven percent of the base pay they received while in the military.

More Pay for Combat Zones for FY 2003
Good news for those serving in combat zones and those who have serviced in a combat zone anytime after October 1, 2002. Combat Pay and Family Separation Allowance have increased for FY 2003.

Navy Cash & Marine Cash
Navy Cash (and Marine Cash) project was started to eliminate the transportation and use of cash aboard ships. In its place, a smart card is used as a cash-equivalent. This is different than debit or credit card processing as no network is required. The system allows Sailors and Marines to make purchases on ships without exchanging cash.

New Pay and Finance System
A new Web-based system will integrate all of the services' military personnel and pay systems. The Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System will provide 'one-stop shopping' for service members when it is fully implemented. The Army will be the first user, with an initial operations capability set for November 2005.

Scams That Target Military Members
Scams. It seems to be a consistent problem that affects military members more than others, but experts say there is much that service members can do to prevent becoming victims. In a report titled "In Harm’s Way," the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) has analyzed the problem and has come up with some solutions.

Thrift Savings Plan
Beginning on October 9, 2001, members of the uniformed services will be able to enroll in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) during a special 60-day enrollment period.

What's the Deal with your Pay Raise?
Here we go again. It now looks like military members are going to have to wait until the very last minute before they know for sure whether or not they will receive a pay raise on time, and what that raise will be.

Year of the Jackpot
Congress and the President have been good to military personnel this year. On December 28th, 2001, President Bush signed into law the FY2002 Defense Appropriations Bill. In addition to the largest increase in basic pay in 20 years, and the largest increase to housing allowances in 10 years, there have been several increases and improvements in military pay and compensation.

Year of the Pay Raises
Kosovo was good for military pay and benefits.

Congress Does it Again
At the very last minute, Congress pass another continuing spending resolutation which allows the Government to continue spending money until the 15th of this month.

Current Military Pay Charts
Here are the military pay charts for calendar year 2009. Included are charts for basic pay, housing allowance, food allowance, per diem, dislocation allowance, COLA rates, drill pay charts, annual salary charts, and more.

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