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Military Photo of the Week

Best Captions Contest #7

Photo Contributed by Jim W.

The Winners:

Forget the bomb! Let's get this to Sadaam's doorstep and set it on fire man!! - LilNurse

The CO's Easter Egg Hunt for the dependents' children is starting to push the limits. - CharleyNoble

Yoo Hoo, Sweetie. You forgot your lunch! - Joe

Honorable Mentions (in order of receipt)

Food Services employees prepare the oatmeal bar for MREs - Ian

A man who wants to blown straight to hell and the guy who's going to help him get there. - Hong Kong Bob

Looks like a Marlboro Cigarette butt, Sgt - Kyle Fischel

Sir, This isn't one of ours - c/Maj. Robinson

New Underwear - Hsteve

Is the pooper scooper good for more than just cat boxes? - Steve

He said he was consitpated!! - Cecilki

I hate cleaning up after the Generals cat! - Ron B.

Here you go Sarge! I got it as fast as I could. I hope it likes chinese - Mama-n-law

Ok! What did sarge say? Blue wire to the white or was it blue wire to the red? - Fubar

....and now, all I have to do is carefully remove this seismic trigger mechanism; and I'll be out on (and all over) the town soon! - "MICLIC-MAN"

Here's your turkey club, fries are in the bottom. - Hugh

NOOOOOO! Not the red wire! - Jim Czerniak

Wait, that's not your lunch! - DLHEND

How did you ever get to be Permanent Latrine Orderly, anyway? - Cav Rules

The real reason so many EX-EOD guys are known as "Lefty"... - Ken Dawe

The biggest most confidential presidental coverup to date... Disposing of Monica's Dress - Reecee

He´ll hate me when he´ll find out that I threw up in this bag 10 minutes ago. - Dragonfly228

Put this MRE in there also! - PV1

As we would say here in Asutralia: Bugger! - Dave Lassam

It is nice for the Lt. to let us play in the sand box like this. - Grimroach

Whew! I got the last package of Beano for you! - Derek

U.S. Space Command's football team runs into unforseen problems in it's first practice game. - Ian

If I time popping this bag just right, it should scare the crap out of him! - KenBenesh

My dad said in Nam they just burned this stuff. - CavMan

Man the stuff we have to go through to brew a decent beer! Bet Sarge never thought of looking in here for it. - Matt

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