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Military Photo of the Week

Best Captions Contest #67

Official DOD Photo

Special Note: This will be the last "Photo of the Week" for awhile while we concentrate on other areas of the Web Site. Thanks, everyone for their contributions!

The Winners:

"Geez, these friggin' lowest- bidder contracts! Pull-Start my @$$!!!!" - Bubba

OK listen up airman i been doing this fer years I don't give a lick what the book says what ya need ta do is this.. you put the thingyma jig here in the whirly gig.. then ya put a pinch of whatchama call it on the whojiggy and she will be GOOD TO GO! - AL

Damn it would be *THAT* rubber band that broke. - The Universal Curmudgeon

Honorable Mentions (in order of receipt):

"Okay, now hook these two wires up to the stereo and we're gonna have us a sub-woofer that's gonna kick some serious ass" - Wingnut

"I think I know what happened to Osama. Get one of those 55-gal drums over here." - Andrew

Ahh theres nothing quite like working on a Large JEt engine, it makes me feel manly, though my CO tells me im just compensating for something - NavalFC

Talk about an awesome fan..it could 110 degrees and I'd still be chillin'.. - Betty Boop

Now when i cut this wire class you will see what happens....."sound from the snips" ooooo no i cut the wrong wire...its going to blow ahhhhh run for ur life - Mike

All we have to do is turn the propeller manually until it catches. Frank, why don't you crawl down there and give it a nice shove. - Xie

"Still no sign of that Texas yahoo who tried to ride this thing?" - Lou Knack

This is the BIGGEST Vacuum Cleaner I ever worked on! - Bill

And the really great thing about these new CF6-80C2 turbofans is this little compartment, here, where you can keep your lunch. - Chief(ret) kvb

Boy my wife would love this hair dryer,look what it did for me. - airborn lou

Out of the 212 ways to be a soldier, I get this job. - iBob

Hmmm... Maybe this is where that screw goes. - Airman611

What the hech?!! How'd all these hampsters get in here?? - Col. Darkfire~SS

Are you SURE this is a urinal? - Oh yeah, yeah! Sure it is, was flown in this morning. - Col. Darkfire~SS

Hrrrmm... I didn't rember droping THAT in there. - Col. Darkfire~SS

I've got a solution to the monsoon problem. We just throw are BDUs in here every night, and thrn the thing on full, then in a few minuts we take 'em out again and stick 'em in plastic bags, ready for tomarrow. - Col. Darkfire~SS

OK. This time I'm gonna be more carefull. Last time I got too close to the blades...that's how I ended up with no hair! - Lt_1117USMc

I know I had it earlier, I just can't believe the adhesive on the toupee didn't hold! - KD6TXU

One more bolt to go and I'll have the other engine for Anakin Skywalkers new speed scooter. Lets see if Mr. Lucas can fit this in one of his scenes. - PaulFalk

Mmmmm... Wonder where this wire goes? Wish I could remember what the manual said. - Cecilki

"Duh" I think I need a bigger wrench" - Chuck

"Yup, I set my samich here, da cap'n fired up the engine an' all of a sudden my samich wuz gone..." - Bubba

Airman Jones at secure ATM on military base. - cuchiepop

Now hold still old girl, this won't hurt a bit. - Briscoette

Alright,lets see enie meene minee mow where does the the little red wire go. - airborne ranger lou

Wow, it is a quart low. - Hugh

Hey Marc, who put this two cycle spark plug in here!!!!! - George Malsam

No,seriously, it's alot safer to put your hand in this way.. - JaybombArmy

I still say that this does not cook as well as a microwave! - Checkmate

Well, here's your problem. Bird jam. - Cadet Chief

sure wish i had a boom box this size for my car. - Tony Campo

Airman Smith just knew he could win the next pod race, if only he could get the engine to work right. - future soldier

"Did they really say they thought Osama might be hiding in here???" - future soldier

Trust me... I know how to hot wire these things - Mouseskowitz

"Well ya know Bill, I think you might be out of blinker fluid." - Omaha644

Hey, guys! There's NO hamsters in here to feed!! Real funny! (Now what am I going to do with 30 lbs of hamster food???) - John Thomas, W.

Where'd the hamsters go?? - John Thomas, W.

Yes sir-e-bob, this should do it. If I removed the right part we should be 'broke down' here in Rota Spain for at least a few weeks. Hey Specialist, calculate what our per-diem will be for Rota for let's say...3 weeks?" - SOARwife

Dude did your recruiter tell you the same thing...that he can gurantee you a job on a aircraft - K_love357

Ah, here's the problem. Ok, I need a rubberband and a new hamster. - Marauder

OK so I connect the rubber band from gear A to gear B and damn where is my duct tape? - NAVYDAZE

Remember when we thought the instructor was just kidding around when he said all your hair would fall out from the shock if you touch that bare wire? He wasn't kidding. - BOLLOXX

The manual says bolt A goes into slot C and Pin B pops onto clip D. Where's flange E? - BOLLOXX

I know I should be wearing the ear protection, but the guys already tease me enough about my farmers tan, imagine if they saw me with an ear muff tan? - BOLLOXX

Now that is a place to sham! - eyes of death

"Wow, and I thought being an OBGYN was complicated." - D Rob

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