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Military Photo of the Week

Best Captions Contest #60

Official Navy Photo

The Winners:

Jones couldn't help rehearsing for his upcoming role in "RIVERDANCE" while at work. - Cruiser

Where did you guys put my cup of coffee!? - ajcomms

The wonderful thing about Tiggers, is I'm the only one! - Mr. Bob

Honorable Mentions (in order of receipt):

See, I told you. Pilots need airplanes, Crew Chiefs don't. - The Universal Curmudgeon

Jeez! I always get this Jedi levitation thing backwards! - yossar3363

"When you use the Force... You're meant to lift the plane Luke" - Skippy

Knock it off!! I SEE you guys back there and it ain't funny! - Catalog_Xray

gahh, quit messing around ed. you can levitate,i believe ya. naw get down - maj. malone

Navy men can jump! - Krystal B

Forget this jet, just give me a few bombs and I'll fly over Afghanistan myself. - RED

grounds for dishonorable discharge: practicing your part as Peter Pan in the upcoming ballet recital on the flight deck. - RED

And they say white men can't jump - Brownie

Man, i AM getting real good with these one arm pullups. - Ineffective Mosquito

Guys, This isn't funny anymore. Get me down.... Someone? anyone? - Laura

With the Navy's new "Anti-Gravity Shoes", no one can be turned down for comming up short on the hieght and wieght charts. - Airman Basic

Roger that control!!!!!!!! The backseat has his seat belt on............. - Bronco2

Sir, I think the nuclear reactor is leaking again. - FOC Falco

Who says White Men Can't Jump!! See!! I cleared the starboard wing!! - Lt_1117USMC

Peek-a-Boo - Chief N Ret

Now you see me. Now ------- - Chief N Ret

Excuse me, my finger is stuck. - Hugh

These New Wing Suction intakes really work! - Shallie

Jumping Jimmy J. Jones, joyfully jumps over Jamming Johnny's jet. - Paperback Writer

Were in the heck did that new kid go? - Opie

Happy thought's, happy thought. Wee, I'm flying!!! - A1C-JS3

Who says white man can't jump? - Mike

Aviation Safety Inspections performed by David Blaine - Doc Waggs

mother i,m home - weaset512

To counter the increasing intelligence capabilities of enemy states, the United States has developed even stealthier methods of rapid insertion of its Delta force and other special ops personnel into hostile territories... - brno

"Nope, I don't think you left that wrench on top of the wing charley!" - young1

"I knew that if I touched the wing it would make me fly" - d.j.church

Help, my finger is stuck in this damn hole and I can't get it out. - Checkmate

"OK, I want a whopper with cheese and some biggy fries, remember you only have ten minutes before the tracking will come back on, and if they get you, your screwed." - longhunter

I have GOT to get off these flight decks... These jet fumes are messing me up... you know just the other day I saw a flying crew cheif?... Now I have safty guys at it too? Momma said the Navy was messed.. - usafyyc

Today in the news the U.S.Navy is fielding its newest air to ground missile system. - duckhunter

Today in the news the U.S.Navy is fielding its newest air to ground missile system. - duckhunter

"Sir, Sir, your turn signal thingy isn't working." E-1 Smith hopes to earn some brownie points on the flight deck. - rage

all right,all right i'll pratice my ballet routine,sir. - crosshead1

"Come on guys, let me down. I was only kidding with you...guys?" - Cadet PO2

Nope, nothing on top of this wing, either. - Carpetbagger

Is there any dust up here? - smokeddog69

The F-18 Hornet. Oh what a feeling! - brak97

1,2,3 Jump!..I'm telling you, trying to throw this plane into the air to save fuel isnt going to work !!! - Prop Top

I still can't see above the wing! - Jenny

"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Even though the sound of it is really, .... Say, what the h*e*ll"! - Chief(ret) kvb

And now, ladys and gentalmen, I will wrap up my levitation act, and make this plane dissappear. - Col. Darkfire~SS

Now look here you no brained seaman recruit! You ploich me RIGHT this stime, or I take off with YOU HANGING OFF MY WING! - Col. Darkfire~SS

I wonder what would happen if we put this board here? Seaman Recruit Johnson, didn't notice he put it on the runway - Col. Darkfire~SS

Lt. Franklin makes out parking tickes for pilot, whos meter ran out. - Col. Darkfire~SS

Boy, this is better then an X-wing - Col Darkfire~SS

OK Captain, now don't get too excited.. but the admaral says yor'll be carrying a bit of extra cargo thist time. Yeas thats right captain, its the admaral's tennis court. - Col. Darkfire~SS

Look sir! I can do pull ups with one hand! Get the heck off that thing before- *plan takes off* -nevermind. - Col. DarkFire~SS

peaka boo,i see you!! - dbase2base13

"Hey! Can you get me down from here? Uhmmm, like BEFORE you take off?!?" - Jade

The advantage of high sea's - Hoffy

I got the super glue mixed up again. - Maggie

Ninety-one percent of the pilots are so cocky that think they can walk on water, the other 9% try to out do them by walking on air. - LT D

And for my next act, I will levetate beside this F/A-18. - Scott

Due to budget cuts, all aircraft currently on wartime deployment will be issued a full-time grenade launcher - Cruiser

Judges are stunned as Olympic Airwing Springboard diver, Charles Johnson, executes a back 3 1/2 dive and narrowly misses the "board." - Cruiser

After looking for the box of SQUELCH, SGT Roberts sent the newbee out to find the "ticklish" spot on the aircraft. - Cruiser

Smith plays "pull my finger" again with the aircraft! It's just not funny anymore, man! - Cruiser

The Navy is having trouble keeping the Human Jet Blast Deflector rating manned. - Big Tex

DUDE!!...Wheres my car? - WiLL 45

hurry up jim! the captains comin' and we're gonna get busted for tryin to hide the cat! - brenton h.

Hey guys don't launch yet, I got it stuck on my zipper again! - NAVYDAZE

To help resolve inflight malfunction, the military is testing the idea of hanging avionics specialists on the stations during flight. - Pax

The number one reason why you do not go onto the flightline immediately after breaking a bottle of super-glue on your gloves. - Chip

We only need the planes to carry the ordnance, the carrier crewmen can fly without them! - Talon

Micheal Jordans new career move into the US Navy. - Big Al

i know plane captians love there planes but this guy even insists on taking cat shots with his - AEAA

pecca boo i see you! - crosshead1

very funny guys, now take me off the missle rack - usmc_mustang

i don't care what you think......this is my aircraft buddy - usmc_mustang

Join the Navy...see the world. - ZAK

at airbase africa the usaf are training local tribesmen as ground crew for the brand new airbase - urban cowboy

Petty Officer Hopperman could never resist the urge to jump up and slap something - cowboy826

Airman,yu did ask for the best and fastest flight home didn't you? - afc chris

Its called a Wing Jump. - Mr. Man

I'll be it is bigger than 6 inches!!! - Maggie

..and they say Marine pullups are hard !!! - valtook

This is a rare glimpse of "lift" captured on a high speed camera of what, up to now, was only thought to be the aerodynamic phenomenon. What else explains the levitation? - Bear

Don't go yet. My tie is caught. - PAX Ant Farm

See, Private? This is what we do to little whiney Privates like you, who won't do 50 push-ups, because they're 'too sore.'.. - Luci

OK, mac just a little higher and I can see the top...mac? mac?...geez where did he go? - Paul

Think of a Wonderful Thought! - Maggie

The Navy's version of The Man's Show: "Flight Deckhands Jumping on Trampolines" - the kern

Due to the quality of the day's operations, Petty Officer Smith was walking a little taller that day! - Joseph, Stewart A

Dang! That was the Super Glue! - Maggie

They said these boots had more of a bouce,boy they weren't kidding. - Tazman

I told him we'd get caught somehow if we used the superglue to fix the plane! DOCTOR!!!! - Lupin1

WAIT!! my glove is caught! - libby

Today, the Navy unveiled it's new multi-million dollar "You must be this tall to ride" sign for aircraft carriers. - HooahMedic

Chief "Until the catapult is fixed, I want ABH1 Kent to assist with all takeoffs." - Snake Eyes

Yep, keep coming back. You have plenty of room. - Toni

Airman Niles gets a little too enthusiastic at the base Easter egg hunt. - Maggie

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