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Military Photo of the Week

Best Captions Contest #15

Official DOD Photo

The Winners:

After several warnings, the base "Jedi Warriors Club" started playing with their light sabers and "invisible shields" away from their duty sections. - Ian

Now where did that dang Easter Bunny go? - Cecilki

Come on! You know I get embarrassed when you start skipping! - GRITS

Honorable Mentions (in order of receipt):

Why didn't they issue us "AMMO" They don't trust us - Douglas D.

The Army field hockey team may be small, but they dominate the competition. - Ian

The Avon Lady may ring your chimes, but me and my stick only knock one time - Mil Guide

Race you to the bathroom. - Telmaron

Who ya gonna call "Soul Police" - Mike G

We have some nice pics of sling load operations over kosovo. - Hawks Rule!

Well me and Bob here have been reinacting the crusade for about two years now. - Jeshio

I love it when sarge lets us play knights of the round table. - jeshio

Where are those tomatoe plants you wanted staked? - Adam

Modern day Don Quiotes rush to battle... - daChief/LTC

The beatings WILL continue until morale improves! - Rimfire

Playing star wars is fun! - mastersoldier

You be the good knight and i'll be the black evil knight. - Grim Roach

We've been sent by king arthur to rescue the Princess. so...where the Hell is she? This dont look like no castle. - PM

Anybody for any NYC stickball? Where are the damn manhole (sewer) covers??? - sanspeur

I thought they did away with the wash boards in the 30s. Why can we just use the washers? - weasel

Presenting the Rocketts!... Ok now 2 and 3 and 4 Kick - RocnDoc

Charrrrrrgggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeee. - c/Maj Robinson

Yes, I know we are AWOL. But look at the neat stuff we got at the Star Wars convention! - MSAGRO

Spring Break ain't got "nothin" on us!! Let's go Bubba!!!!!! - Retired Eagle

Steven Spielburg opens auditions for his next star wars sequal; Soldiers disappointed that they have to make their own "vvvvvvvmm" light saber sounds. - recon

"This time I get to be Luke Skywalker, okay?" - Meathead

"Hey Skywalker, I need to charge my light saber!" - Navy Mom

Hey Mac....Pass me one of those beers yer humpin...willya? - viewcam

A photo taken at a secret location captures a rare glimpse of U.S. Army "Jedi Rangers" deploying with their new LS-1A Light Sabers. The unit, known in covert circles as the "Black Helmets" may have some connection with the infamous "black helicopters." - Chief(ret) kvb

Sgt Skywalker, are you sure this is the only way to loosen up the saltshakers? - PaulFalk

If the GI with the funny looking necklace doesn't stop following me i'm gonna bash him one with my gladiator gear. - Tony Campo

Come on Sarge, What do we need all this stuff for? They're just cats. - Madfish

Bright Green, Why cant I have bright green grenades too? - Cpl Black

Luke! It's too late!! - Thomas597

Why does he always get to be Luke Skywalker? - redstrawberry

You said the bathroom was this way? - krewsafix

Military intelligence is an oxymoron. - Neo

Wow! our turn to bat again. I just love Bosnian baseball. - fubar

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