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Marine Corps Weapons

Military Weapons - United States Marine Corps (USMC).

Humvee Replacement
The Marine Corps is searching for a larger, more capable combat transport to replace the Humvee. The Fires and Maneuver Integration Division of Marine Corps Combat Development Command is outlining the requirements for its future vehicle, dubbed the Combat Tactical Vehicle, with the goal of fielding the first CTVs in 2011.

Expeditionary Fire Support System
EFSS is a mortar-based system designed to provide mobile fire support for expeditionary forces.

Marine Corps Weapons
Fact files on United States Marine Corps aircraft, vehicles, and weapons.

The Harrier
With the pull of a lever, 23,000 pounds of thrust slows the forty-seven foot long aircraft to a complete halt over the Lake Michigan shoreline, floating a stones throw away from a crowd boasting more than two million people. For the Marine Corps’ AV-8B Harrier, it’s all in a days work.

M-16A4 Rifle
From the days of Marines wielding muskets, to the current day fully automatic machine guns, weapons in the Marine Corps continue to change to accommodate the needs of battle. The Marine Corps is now adding a new chapter to the history of its service rifles with the M16A4 rifle.

The Osprey
The V-22 Osprey program has suffered serious setbacks throughout its development, but program0leaders are confident these problems have been resolved and they are ready to move forward. This tilt-rotor aircraft takes off like a helicopter, then the two rotors mounted to its wings tilt forward to allow it to fly as a plane.

The Osprey
Information, photos, and news about the MV-22 Osprey.

New Marine Corps Riverine Craft
The Small Unit Riverine Craft was approved for full production in early August (2003) and that means Marines will soon be seeing the replacement for the old Rigid Raiding Craft that have been in use since the mid-1980s.

New Sniper Rifle
Marine snipers have found a new best friend. The Marine Corps has upgraded the old sniper rifle, the M-40A1, replacing it with a new and improved rifle. The M-40A3 will fully replace the M-40A1 by October 2004.

The Gladiator - World's First Combat Robot
An article about the Gladiator Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle, the world's first "combat robot." The article looks at the many uses of the robot, as well as its design.

UH-1Y Venom - Multipurpose Helicopter
An article about the Venom utility helicopter and its roles with the U.S. Marine Corps.

V-22 Osprey Helicopter - Transporting Marines
An article about the V-22 Osprey helicopter and its unique characteristics, as well as its prolonges development.

AH-1Z Viper - Superior Firepower
An article about the new AH-1Z Viper attack helciopter and its role in modern combat.

BAE Caiman - Transporting U.S. Marines
An article about the rugged and durable BAE Caiman armored vehicle.

MAUL Shotgun - Lightweight and Deadly
An article about the new, state-of-the-art MAUL shotgun that is being developed for the U.S. Marine Corps.

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