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Marine Corps Education & Training

Marine Corps Education & Training. Information and resources about education and training programs available in the United States Marine Corps (USMC).

Marine Corps Tuition Assistance Program
The Marine Corps Tuition Assistance Program is available for personnel who elect to pursue Off-Duty or Voluntary Education courses during their off-duty time. All active duty Marines and Enlisted Marine Corps Reservists on continuous active duty are eligible for Marine Corps Tuition Assistance.

Enlisted Commissioning Education Program
The most common program enlisted Marines use to transition from enlisted to officer is the Marine Corps Enlisted Commissioning Education Program. The program offers qualified Marines the chance to go to a four-year college full-time, while maintaining active duty status and pay.

Rifle Qualification Course
Beginning Oct. 1, the Marine Corps will introduce two changes to the rifle qualification Marines are required to complete annually, making the program tougher and more rewarding.

Lateral Re-Training
The Corps manages the population of military occupational specialties with a predetermined numbers of slots. Competing for these limited slots, known as “boat spaces,” sometimes blocks a Marine from staying in the Corps for another term. This is where the lateral move program can provide a solution.

Combat Instructor Water Survival Training Course
The Marine Combat Instructor Water Survival (MCIWS) swim qualification is one of the toughest swim qualifications in the military. The challenge begins before the course starts. Prospective students are required to be Water Survival Qualified and complete a pre-test demonstrating their level of fitness in the water.

Enlisted Commissioning Program
Opportunities for enlisted Marines to become commissioned officers in the Corps are out there. The Marine Corps Enlisted Commissioning Education Program is one venue that offers qualifying enlisted Marines the chance to go to school full-time, while maintaining active duty status and pay.

Officer Candidate School
On any given day, enlisted Marines can be heard arguing about which is tougher, Parris Island or San Diego. But how many times have you heard Marines comparing boot camp to Officer Candidates School? It's a more difficult comparison because Marines who attended both aren't everywhere, and because the missions of the two are different.

Video Game Training
Marines are facing rocket propelled grenade attacks, improvised explosive devices, suicide bombers and many other threats found in Iraq, all from the comfort of a computer screen in an air-conditioned cubicle.

Drill Instructor School
According to rumor, Marine Corps Drill Instructor School is like returning to boot camp, and consequently, some students might show up there thinking they are in for a trip back to their first day on the yellow footprints. But that's only rumor. While the school is challenging, it's not a return to recruit training.

Tuition Assistance (TA)
The Marine Corps' new 100 percent college tuition assistance program began on October 1, 2002, but there are limitations.

Amphibious Warfare School
Professional Military Education Course for Marine Corps Mid-Level combat commissioned officers.

Apprentice Programs
Program which allows sailors, Marines, and members of the Coast Guard to obtain a rating by learning as an apprentice.

Combat Water Survival Swimming School
The mission of the Combat Water Survival Swimming School is to train Marine Combat Instructors of Water Survival.

Combat Training Instructor Duty
Since established as a Special Duty Assignment in Oct. 2002, the MCT instructor billet, MOS 8513, offers Marines an alternative to drill instructor duty and recruiting duty. While it may be a substitute, it still fulfills the B-billet or SDA requirement, which most feel is necessary to advance in the staff NCO ranks.

Commissioning Programs
There are several ways to gain a commission in the United States Marine Corps, whether one is currently enlisted, or whether one is currently a civilian college student/graduate. For those Marine Officers not attending the U.S. Naval Academy, the road to a commission as a lieutenant in the Corps begins with one of several programs at Officer Candidates School.

Enlisted and Regular Commissioning Programs
Marine Corps enlisted and regular commissioning programs and requirements.

Enlisted PME
Information and resources about enlisted Professional Military Education in the Marine Corps.

Enlisted PME
More information about Professional Military Education Programs for enlisted Marines.

Field Medical Service School
Information about the Marine Corps Field Medical Service School, for Navy Hospital Corpsmen who will perform duty with Marine Corps Operational Units.

Infantry Squad Leaders Course (ISLC)
The ISLC trains noncommissioned officers to apply their leadership to a squad — a team of 12 Marines directed by the squad leader during infantry assaults and patrols. The purpose of ISLC is to train sergeants and corporals to be rifle squad leaders, concentrating on squad- and platoon-level tactics and weapons organic to the rifle company.

Marine Corps University
Information and Resources about Professional Military Education programs for Marine Corps commissioned officers.

Marines at the USN Academy
United States Marines at the United States Navy Academy.

Non-Lethal Tactics Training
In the near future, on a rubble and litter-strewn street in some desolate Third World country, a Marine may be faced with the hardest decision of his or her life; how best to deal with an unruly, angry, and potentially violent mob heading toward their position. Should they withdraw? Stand their ground? Or in some extreme cases, should they fire into the crowd?

Frequently Asked Questions about the Marine Corps Officer's Candidate Class.

Naval Postgraduate School - Marines
Continuing Education for United States Marine Corps Officers.

Officer Candidate School (OCS)
Information about courses at OCS for Marine candidates.

Platoon Leaders Course (PLC)
The Marine Corps Platoon Leaders Course (PLC) is an alternative for NROTC or OCS for college students who wish to become commissioned officers in the United States Marine Corps. College Freshmen and sophmores attend two 6 six-week summer training programs at the USMC OCS, located at Quantico, Virginia. Juniors attend one 10-week summer course.

OCS or Basic Training - Which is Toughter?
Article comparing Marine Enlisted Basic Training to Marine Corps Officer Candidate School.

Sapper Training Course
They're the Marines who clear the path into combat. Marines called "sappers" use cunning determination and skill to defeat enemy defenses and they learn how to do it right in Camp Pendleton. Sapper course offers combat- arms Marines an opportunity to learn new techniques, from field maneuvering to dealing with high explosives during combat.

School of Infantry (East)
The official web page for the Marine Corps School of Infantry at Camp Lejeune, NC.

School of Infantry (West)
Official site for the Marine Corps School of Infantry at Camp Pendleton, CA.

SERE Training
In the northern jungles of Okinawa there's a group of individuals stranded, without the aid of food, water, shelter, and the basic necessities required to survive. They are tired, hungry and looking forward to going home at the end of their ordeal. Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape training (SERE) is held monthly at the Jungle Warfare Training Center at Camp Gonsalves.

The Basic School
The basic course which helps prepare brand new commissioned and warrant officers in the Marine Corps.

Scout Sniper School
Due to the nature of the sniper's mission, they must be trained mentally and physically to operate independently forward of friendly positions on the battlefield. The Marine Scout Sniper School trains, not only Marines, but members of the other military services, as well.

War College
Information and resources about the Marine Corps War College, the Professional Military Education School for senior Marine Corps officers.

Water Survival Instructor Duty
The instructors' days are spent teaching Marines young and old the proper techniques to use in the water. From basic survival strokes, to rescues, to simulated situations one might face in combat, the instructors are a wealth of knowledge in all areas related to water survival.

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