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United States Marine Corps
MOS (Job) Listing
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The following chart shows the primary enlisted Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) for the United States Marine Corps, as well as the job training locations for the specific MOS.




Personnel & Administration: Occupational Field 01
Specialty School Location
Administrative Clerk Camp Lejeune, NC
Unit Diary Clerk Camp Lejeune, NC
Personnel Clerk Camp Lejeune, NC
Postal Clerk Camp Lejeune, NC
Intelligence: Occupational Field 02
Intelligence Specialist Dam Neck, VA
Infantry: Occupational Field 03 (This occupation is for males only)
Rifleman Camp Pendleton, CA & Camp Lejeune, NC
Machine Gunner Camp Pendleton, CA & Camp Lejeune, NC
Mortar Man Camp Pendleton, CA & Camp Lejeune, NC
Assaultman Camp Pendleton, CA & Camp Lejeune, NC
Light Armored Vehicle Crewman Camp Pendleton, CA
Antitank Assault Mis Camp Pendleton, CA & Camp Lejeune, NC
Logistics: Occupationnal Field 04
Logistics/Embarkation Specialist Coronado, CA & Little Creek, VA
Maintenance Management Specialist Little Creek, VA
Air Delivery Specialist Ft. Benning, GA
Landing Support Specialist Camp Lejeune, NC
Field Artillery: Occupational Field 08 (This occupation is for males only)
Field Artillery Fire Controlman Ft. Sill, OK
Field Artillery Meteorological Crewman Ft. Sill, OK
Field Artillery Cannoneer Ft. Sill, OK
Fire Support Man Ft. Sill, OK
Field Artillery, Radar Operator Ft. Sill, OK
Utilities: Occupational Field 11
Refrigeration Mechanic Aberdeen, MD
Basic Hygiene Equipment Operator Camp Lejeune, NC
Basic Electrician Camo Lejeune, NC
Elertrical Equipment Repair Specialist Camp Lejeune, NC
Fabric Repair Specialist Ft. Lee, VA
Engineer, Construction, Equipment & Shore Party: Occupational Field 13
Basic Combat Engineer Camp Lejeune, NC
Engineer Equipment Mechanic Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
Basic Metal Worker Aberdeen, MD
Engineer Equipment Operator Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
Engineer Assistant Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
Bulk Field Specialist Ft. Lee, VA
Printing & Reproduction: Occupational Field 15
Lithographer Ft. Belvoir, VA
Tank & Emphibian tractor: Occupational Field 18 (This occupation is for males only)
Tank Crewman Ft. Knox, KY
Assault Amphibian Crewman Camp Pendleton, CA
Ordance: Occupatioinal Field 21
Machinist Aberdeen, MD
Assault Amphibian Repairman Camp Pendleton, CA
Main Battle Tank Repairman Ft. Knox, KY
Small Arms Repair Aberdeen, MD
Electro-Optical Instrument Repair Aberdeen, MD
Light Armored Vehicle Repair Aberdeen, MD
Towed Artillery System Aberdeen, MD
Ammunition & Explosives Ordance Disposal: Occupational Field 23
Ammunition Technician Redstone Arsenal, AL
Operational Communications: Occupational Field 25
ULCS Operational Maintainer 29 Palms, CA
Field Radio Operator 29 Palms, CA
Communications Center Operator 29 Palms, CA
Construction Wireman 29 Palms, CA
Ground MOB For SATCOM Terminal Operator 29 Palms, CA
High Frequency Communications central Operator 29 Palms, CA
Multi-Channel Equipment Operator 29 Palms, CA
Field Wireman 29 Palms, CA
Fleet SATCOM Terminal Operator 29 Palms, CA
Signal Intelligence/Ground Electronic Warefare: Occupational Field 26
Basic Electronic Intelligence Operational Analysis Pensacola, FL
Data/Communications Maintenance: Occupational Field 28
Ground Radar Repair 29 Palms, CA
Radio Technician 29 Palms, CA
Telephone Technician 29 Palms, CA
Cable Systems Technician 29 Palms, CA
PC Tact Office Machine Technician 29 Palms, CA
Electronic Switching Equipment Technician 29 Palms, CA
Multi Channel Equipment repair 29 Palms, CA
Test Measures/Diagnostic Equipment Repair Albany, GA
Communications Security Equipment Repair 29 Palms, CA
Artillery Electronic Systems Repair 29 Palms, CA
Counter Mortar Radar Repair 29 Palms, CA
Supply Administrations & Operations: Occupational Field 30
Supply Administrations & Operations Clerk Canp Lejeune, CA
Basic Packing Specialist Albany, NY
Wharehouse Clerk Barstow, CA & Albany, GA
Transportation: Occupational Field 31
Traffic Management Specialist Ft. Eustis, VA
Food Service: Occupational Field 33
Basic Food Service Specialist Ft. Lee, VA
Subsistence Supply Clerk Ft. Lee, VA

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