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New Body Fat Standards


Marine Corps Birthday Run
Updated May 26, 2014

The Marine Corps has changed their body-fat standards, effective Aug. 11, in order to comply with Department of Defense (DOD) standards.

Marines will have 120 days to come into compliance with the new standards, or risk being assigned to a formal physical fitness training program. The 120 day period is divided into two phases:

Phase I -- Notification Period. Marines initially determined by the unit to be out of standards will be issued an informal letter of concern by the executie officer or senior enlisted advisor and a measurable 60 day action plan. Methods for tracking Marines and their progress during this period is a unit determination, but no service record book counseling or unit diary entries will be made.

Phase II -- Cautionary Period. Immediately at the end of the notification period, if sufficient progress has not been made to remove the Marine from a supervised effort, a letter of caution will be issued by the executive officer or senior enlisted advisor. This letter will warn that if the Marine does not meet the established standards over the following 60 days, that assignment to a formal unit program is inevitable. Again, service record book counseling and unit diary entries will not be made during this period.

Note: Effective March 2, 2009, the Marine Corps has eliminated Phase I and Phase II. Marines who are found to be over body-fat standards are not immeditely enrolled in the body composition program and are ineligible for promotion, re-enlistment, or special duty assignments, while in the program. For details, see Marine Corps Administrative Message 145/09.

If Marines do not meet the established height-weight standards and/or the new body fat standards, they will immediately be placed on the Marine Corps Body Composition Program (BCP) by the commanding officer. A unit diary entry will be made formally assigning the Marine to the program and a counseling entry will be made in the service record book. Continued failure to progress to meet the new standards could result in loss of rank, denial of reenlistment, and even administrative discharge.

Old Standards

The OLDBody Fat Standards for Marines were:

    Male - Not to exceed 18 percent.

    Females - Not to exceed 26 percent.

Note: Under the OLD standards, If the Marine Scored a First Class on the Fitness Test, the body fat standards were:

    Male - Not to exceed 22 percent

    Females - Not to exceed 30 percent

New Standards

The new standards take age into consideration:

    AGE 17-26: 18%
    AGE 27-39: 19%
    AGE 40-45: 20%
    AGE 46+ :21%

    AGE 17-26: 26%
    AGE 27-39: 27%
    AGE 40-45: 28%
    AGE 46+: 29%

For complete information, see ALMAR 33/08.

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