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Marine Corps Inspector General


The Marine Corps Manual calls the Corps’ inspector general “the eyes and ears of the commandant,” referring to the office’s mission to help uphold the Corps’ quality and effectiveness through rigorous and objective assessments and investigations.

The Marine Corps IG comprises five divisions: administrative support; counsel to the inspector general of the Marine Corps; inspections; intelligence oversight; readiness; and assistance and investigation.

The first division includes administrative and tech staffers who keep the IG offices running. The counsel to the inspector general of the Marine Corps provides legal advice and support to the IG in all types of law and legislative and regulatory actions. The inspections branch observes and evaluates the active and reserve units and the activities of their personnel. The intelligence division conducts covert operations to collect data, as well as coordinating with civilian intelligence-gathering agencies. Readiness conducts spot checks of commands to uncover any systemic problems that might affect successful completion of a mission.

The highest-profile division within the IG is its investigatory arm, which probes alleged misconduct on the part of Marines and any legal violations and mismanagement perpetrated within the Corps. Such investigations can be requested by members of Congress as well as other parties, who can petition for the IG’s assistance or action. The assistance and investigation division may agree to look into non-criminal allegations of a serious nature, so long as they are credible and are submitted in a timely fashion.

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