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Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test


Updated November 09, 2008

The Marine Corps has developed a Combat Fitness Test (CFT), that all Marines must pass, in addition to the standard Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test (PFT). At this time, the CFT is pass/fail, but -- beginning in July 2009, the Marine Corps will establish points for these events, and they will count toward Marine Corps promotion points, just as the PFT currently does.

The CFT consists of three events: an 880 yard run, ammo can lifts, and manuever under fire:

880 Yard Run. Marines will run for 880 yards while wearing boots and camouflage uniform (pants and t-shirt).

Ammo Can Lifts. Marines will lift a 30 pound ammo can from the ground, over their heads as many times as they can in two minutes.

Manuever Under Fire. Marines must move through a 300 yard course, and perform designated tasks, in the time limit authorized. The tasks include:

  • Moving in a quick scurry for 10 yards, then a high craw for another 15 yards.
  • Drag a casualty for 10 yards, while zigzagging through several cones. Then lift the casualty and carry him/her at a run for 65 yards.
  • Carry two 30-pound ammo cans for 75 yards, while zigzagging through a series of cones.
  • Toss a dummy grenade 22 1/2 yards and land it in a marked target circle.
  • Perform three push-ups, pick up the two 30-pound cans and sprint to the finish line.

For complete information about the new requirements, see ALMARS 032/08.

Right now, the CFT is pass/fail. In July 2009, the Marine Corps will establish a point system for each event. The current minimum requirements to pass the CFT are:

Combat Fitness Test Requirements

Age 880 Yard Run Ammo Can Lifts Maneuver Under Fire
17-26 3:48 45 3:29
27-39 4:00 45 3:55
40-45 4:19 44 3:57
46+ 4:30 43 4:28
Age 880 Yard Run Ammo Can Lifts Maneuver Under Fire
17-26 4:34 20 4:57
27-39 4:40 21 5:27
40-45 5:09 17 6:07
46+ 5:20 15 6:30

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