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Becoming a Marine Corps Pilot


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Flight School (Con't)
Intermediate Training: Those selected to fly helicopters or turbo-props will receive an additional 26 hours of instruction on the T-34, with emphasis on radio and navigation training. Those selected to fly jets will proceed to the Naval Air Station in either Kingsville, Texas, or Meridian, Miss. There, they will take five weeks of ground school, including instruction in meteorology, visual flight rules and safety. From there, trainees will progress to the T-2C or T-45 for hands-on training in aerobatics, gunnery, radio communication and catapult take-offs.

Advanced Training: Jet pilots will then spend 92 hours in the TA-4 or T-45, focusing on performing combat maneuvers and night flights. Those with a concentration in turbo-props will head to Corpus Christi, Texas, for a 20-week course that requires 88 hours flight time on the multi-engine T-44 Beech Queen Air. Another 20 hours of instruction using flight simulators and 182 hours of classroom time are also required. Those bound for helicopters will report to South Whiting Field to do their flight training on the TH-57B/C Bell Jet Ranger, where they’ll log another 116 hours in the air. After this phase, candidates finally earn their wings.

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