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Marine Corps Recruiting Command


The primary mission of the Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC), as its name implies, is to supply recruiters with the resources they need to spread the Corps’ message and enlist the best talent they can find for the Marines, whose ads describe their ranks as "The Few. The Proud."

The MCRC, based in Quantico, Va., is part of the Supporting Establishment, a subdivision of the Corps that comprises the personnel, bases, training and other activities that support the Corps’ combat operations. It consists of eastern and western recruiting regions spanning three districts each. Each of these six districts has eight recruiting stations, for a total of 48 stations located throughout the U.S. and its territories. The Marine Corps has met its recruitment goals for several years, sending around 40,000 applicants a year to training.

The MCRC offers both basic and career courses for recruiters, with a candidate accepted into the latter only if he or she has an excellent military record, exceptional performance in past recruiting duty and great potential for further achievement. The MCRC also offers recruiters continuing education and training courses in both management and instruction. The Marine Corps has about 500 career recruiters.

Recruiters are taught telephone and in-person recruiting techniques, and are evaluated on their ability to deliver effective presentations at high schools. Marines who attain basic recruiter status are assigned to a recruiting station, where they fulfill their tour of duty. The enlistees they recruit will attend boot camp in either San Diego or South Carolina before entering specialty training.

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