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Surviving Marine Corps Basic Training, Part 2

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Marine Corps Basic Training

Graudation -- the final "event."

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The final week. D.I.s are no longer yelling (as much). You'll spend this last week learning about theHeroes of the Corps, a class or two on financial management, the relatively easy Battalion Commander's Inspection, more (of course) core value classes, and finally, graduation practice and graduation.

The minimum (core) graduation requirements are:

    (1) Pass the physical fitness test and be within prescribed weight standards

    (2) Qualify for Combat Water Survival at level 4 or higher

    (3) Qualify with the service rifle

    (4) Pass the batallion commander's inspection

    (5) Pass the written tests

    (6) Complete the Crucible

If you fail in any of the above areas, you are subject to be "recycled" (sent backwards in time to another platoon), or may possibly bedischarged.

Seem simple? It's not. Here's how your 13 weeks breaks down in actual hours:

  • Instructional Time (The Crucible / Combat Water Survival / Weapons and Field Training): 279.5 hours
  • Core Values / Academics / Values Reinforcement: 41.5
  • Physical Fitness: 59
  • Close Order Drill: 54.5
  • Field Training: 31
  • Close Combat Training: 27
  • Conditioning Marches: 13
  • Administration: 60
  • Senior DI Time (nightly free time): 55.5
  • Movement Time: 60
  • Sleep: 479
  • Basic Daily Routine: 210
  • Chow: 179
  • Total: 1518 hours

Still not impressed? Check out the complete list of tasks you will be tested on.

If you do a great job, you just might get promoted. Based on the recommendations of the Senior Drill Instructor, the Commanding General can meritoriously promote recruits who have consistently demonstrated superior performance in the following areas and have no nonjudicial punishment infractions.

    a. Physical Fitness
    b. Marksmanship
    c. Leadership
    d. Motivation
    e. Academics
    f. Field Skills

All Marines are authorized 10 days of leave, immediately following graduation from boot camp. You'll need the rest, however because boot camp is just the start. You're training is not finished. Following your leave, you'll go on to further your training at the School of Infantry (East) which is located at Camp Geiger, MCB Camp Lejeune, North Carolina (for those who attended basic at Parris Island), or the School of Infantry (West), at Camp Pendleton, CA, for those who attended basic training at San Diego.

Marines who are designated as infantry Marines are assigned to Infantry Training Battalion at the school of infantry for infantry-specialized training. All Marines, entering the Military Occupation Specialties (MOS) of 0311 Rifleman, 0331 Machinegunner, 0341 Mortarman, 0351 Assaultman, or 0352 Anti-Tank Guided Missleman, attend this 51 day course. The course is broken down into two phases, starting with a 14-day common skills course, which must be completed by all infantry Marines regardless of specific MOS. Upon completion of the common skills portion, all Marines will then continue to train in their particular infantry MOS for an additional 26 days in the specific technical and live fire qualification skills required of their particular MOS prior to graduation. After graduating from there, these Marines will be assigned to their first permanent duty station.

All other Marines (male and female) are assigned to the School of Infantry to attend the Marine Combat Training (MCT) course. MCT consists of 22 days of battle skills training which enables Marines, regardless of MOS, to operate in a combat environment. Following MCT, Marines attend their MOS schools to learn the trade they are expected to perform for the Marine Corps. The length of MOS training varies, depending on the job. Following MOS training, Marines are assigned to their first permament duty station.

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