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Things to Consider When Choosing to Join the Marine Corps

Enlistment Incentives


The Marine Corps offers fewer enlistment incentives than any other branch, and they like it that way. In fact, they are rather proud of the fact that they continue to meet their recruiting goals without the use of enlistment incentives. The Marine Corps wants its applicants to join because they want to be a MARINE, not because of enlistment incentives. The Marine Corps does have an enlistment bonus program, but doesn't use it very often. Like all the services, the Marine Corps has the GI Bill, with a"college fund" which adds money to the program. But they do not participate in the College Loan Repayment Program (CLRP).

Unlike the other services, which offer advanced enlistment rank up to E-3 (E-4 in the Army) for such things as college credits or JROTC, the Marine Corps Advanced Rank Program only allows advanced promotion to E-2 for such things. The Marine Corps offers a very few National Call to Service (two year enlistments) each year, but the program is limited to only 11 Marine Corps MOS's (jobs).

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