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Marine Corps Reserve Enlistment Bonuses

Fiscal Year 2008


Updated October 06, 2007

The Marines are offering an enlistment bonus of $20,000 for individuals who enlist in the Marine Corps Reserves in specified Military Occupation Specialties during Fiscal Year 2008 (October 1, 2007 through September 30, 2008).

Additionally, the Marine Corps Reserves is offering extra education money to certain applicants who enlist in the Marine Corps Reserves.

Enlistment Bonus

The $10,000 enlistment bonus is paid in a lump-sum following completion of initial active duty training (basic training and job training). The bonus is authorized for the following Marine Corps MOS's :


To be eligible for the bonus, individuals must enlist under the 6 x 2 program (6 years of drilling service, followed by 2 years in the inactive reserves).

Applicants who enlist under the Reserve Incremental Initial Active Duty for Training (IIADT) Program are not eligible for this incentive.

Marines reclassified to an alternate MOS during Initial Active Duty Training due to any reason will lose their eligibility.

Recoupment of the bonus on a prorated amount will be accomplished if the participant fails to fulfill the obligation or fails to participate satisfactory. Recoupment will also occur if the member executes a lateral move, executes an inter-unit transfer without CMC approval, transfers to the IRR, performs active duty special work with a unit other than their own for a period greater than 90 days, serves as an Individual Augmentee or as an Individual Mobilization Augmentee, or augments to active duty or the active reserve program.

Recoupment will not occur if a recipient is required to involuntarily transfer to the IRR due to unit deactivation, redesignation, or disability.

G.I. Bill Kicker

This incentive is offered to all individuals who enlist in the Marine Corps Reserves under the 6 x 2 program, in one of the following MOS's during FY 2007.


The MGIB-SR Kicker incentive provides educational assistance payments of $350 a month, for up to 36 months of full time educational pursuit, in addition to current MGIB benefits. These payments are authorized in conjunction with either the Selected Reserve Montgomery G.I. Bill, or the Active Duty Montgomery G.I. Bill. Payments may be pro-rated for less than full time college enrollment.

Enlistment Bonus recipients are eligible for the G.I. Bill Kicker incentive.

Marines reclassified to an alternate MOS during Initial Active Duty Training due to any reason will love their eligibility.

Complete information about these two programs is available in Marine Corps Administration Message 572/07.

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