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United States Marine Corps Enlistment Bonuses

General Program Information


General. The EBP provides monetary enlistment incentives to attract highly qualified applicants into designated programs containing critically short MOSs, to fill those technical fields with high prerequisites, and to entice applicants to ship to recruit training during certain times of the year.

Bonus MOS. In order to receive the bonus, the applicant must complete all the required training and be qualified in an MOS within the specified EBP. If an enlistment bonus MOS is converted to another MOS by a change to the MOS Manual, the latter MOS automatically becomes EBP eligible, so applicants will not lose their EBP guarantee. The new MOS offers the same award level and requires the same prerequisites as the MOS it replaced. The eligibility is transferred to the new MOS on the effective date of the change to the MOS Manual.

Assignment. All Marines enlisting under the provision of this Order who subsequently qualify for and are paid an enlistment bonus will serve in billets requiring their primary MOS, or in comparable military specialties approved by the CMC (MP). The assignment of EBP Marines to normal periods of guard, mess, police and similar types of duty is not precluded by this Order. Commanding Officers will ensure the assignments of EBP Marines within their units are in consonance with the policy established herein.


    a. Non-prior service regular applicants.

    b. Prior service applicants who have not previously received an enlistment bonus.

    c. Reservists not on active duty who enlist in the Regular component. Applicants must not have previously received an enlistment bonus, a reenlistment bonus, or not be currently entitled to a reenlistment bonus.

    d. Applicants must be a Tier I high school graduate.

    .e. Minimum AFQT score of 50. If assigned along with a job skill, the applicant must meet the line score requirements and all other prerequisites for that program as well.

    f. No drug or moral waiver above the RS level.

Disqualification. An applicant, recruit, or Marine may be disqualified for any of the below reasons.

    a. Using drugs while in the DEP. Individuals using drugs while in the DEP are automatically disqualified from the EBP (not waiverable).

    b. Failure to complete a required course of training and maintain the designated MOS throughout the term of enlistment (not including lateral MOS movement or additional MOS/duty assignment).

    c. Inability to obtain a required security clearance.

    d. Disciplinary action (to include NJP).

    e. Not divulging required information regarding education or other qualifications for the program.

    f. Entry-level separation.

      (1) Positive urinalysis testing at recruit training.

      (2) Fraudulent or erroneous enlistment.

    g. Failure to complete a four or five year term of enlistment as specified by the incentive program guarantee.

    h. Failure to receive an honorable discharge.

    i. Failure to reveal previous bonuses received.

Bonus Entitlements

Skill Bonuses. Bonuses that are tied to critically short MOSs or hard to recruit to OccFlds will be paid after the individual attains one of the MOSs listed under that particular Bonus PEF.

Reclassification for any reason into an MOS not within the guaranteed PEF may result in a loss of the program and monetary incentive.

The MOS must be maintained throughout the entire term of enlistment in order to receive the bonus. Failure to fulfill the full term of enlistment will result in a loss of incentive at a pro rata share for each year of the contract that has not been completed.

Payment of Bonuses

The enlistment bonuses for designated skills will only be paid to those enlistees who qualify for and are classified in an EBP eligible MOS or OccFld. Shipping bonuses may be paid when the Marines complete recruit training if authorized in the yearly MARADMIN message. Payment of such shipping bonuses to a Marine prior to completion of technical training requires recoupment action if the Marine never completes training and is separated from the Marine Corps.

All bonuses will be paid in lump sum minus taxes.

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