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Marine Corps Enlistment Bonuses

Fire Direction Control Specialist Bonus Program


Like the other services, the Marine Corps offers monetary incentives to enlist into MOSs (jobs) that the Marines consider to be "undermanned" in the initial enlistment categories.

The below chart shows the enlistment bonuses authorized in MCO 1130.53P. However, the bonus amount may, or may not be available at the time/location of your enlistment. Unlike the other services, the Marine Corps "rations" their bonuses to their various recruiting commands, based on available total funds. In other words, while Chicago may have some bonus authorizations, New York may have already used all their bonus authorizations for the fiscal year. The only way to tell if the bonus is currently offered in your recruiting location is to speak with a Marine Corps recruiter.

    Bonus Program: Fire Direction Control Specialist Enlistment Bonus

    Bonus Amount: $6,000

    Term of Service Required: 4 years

    Test Scores Required: GT 105 and AFQT 50

MOSs Authorized for Bonus

0800 Field Artillery

    0842- Field Artillery Radar Operator
    0844- Field Artillery Fire Control Man
    0847- Artillery Meteorological Man
    0861- Fire Support Man


  • No waivers given for monetary gain.
  • Applicants who use drugs while in the DEP will lose their program (not waiverable).
  • Tier I (High School Diploma or at least 15 college credits)
  • Must meet all the requirements of Fire Direction/Control Specialist Enlistment Option.
  • Program not open to female applicants

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