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Marine Corps Installation and Units
Links to Official USMC Installation/Unit Web Sites
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Note: Not all Marine Corps Installations and units have official web sites on the Internet. Below are links to those that do.

Bases and Stations
Combined Arms Training Center Camp Fuji
Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command
Marine Aircraft Group 36
Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort
Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point
Marine Corps Air Station Futenma
Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni
Marine Corps Air Station Miramar
Marine Corps Air Station New River
Marine Corps Air Station Yuma
Marine Corps Base Camp Butler
Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune
Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
Marine Corps Base Hawaii
Marine Corps Base Quantico
Marine Corps Bases Japan
Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany
Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow
Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island
Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego

Expeditionary Units
11th Marine Expeditionary Unit
13th Marine Expeditionary Unit
15th Marine Expeditionary Unit
22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit
24th Marine Expeditionary Unit
26th Marine Expeditionary Unit
2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade
31st Marine Expeditionary Unit
3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade
4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade
II Marine Expeditionary Force
III Marine Expeditionary Force

Air Wings
1st Marine Aircraft Wing
2nd Marine Aircraft Wing
4th Marine Aircraft Wing

Aviation Elements
Marine Air Control Group 18
Marine Air Control Squadron 4
Marine Aircraft Group 11
Marine Aircraft Group 12
Marine Aircraft Group 14
Marine Aircraft Group 16
Marine Aircraft Group 39
Marine Corps Air Facility Quantico
Marine Corps Air Facility Quantico Meteorology & Oceanographic Division
Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 369
Marine Wing Communications Squadron 18

Infantry Units
1st Marine Regiment
2nd Assault Amphibian Battalion
2nd Battalion 4th Marine Regiment
2nd Battalion 6th Marine Regiment
3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion
3rd Battalion 2nd Marine Regiment
3rd Battalion 5th Marine Regiment
3rd Battalion 8th Marine Regiment
3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment
3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment
5th Marine Regiment
7th Marine Regiment
8th Marine Regiment

Artillery Units
11th Marine Regiment
2nd Battalion 10th Marine Regiment

Force Service Support Groups
1st Force Service Support Group
2nd Force Service Support Group
3rd Force Service Support Group
4th Force Service Support Group

Headquarters Agency
Command, Control, Communication, Computers
Doctrine Division
Equal Opportunity Branch
Marine Corps Systems Command
Navy and Marine Corps Appellate Leave Activity

Marine Corps Combat Development Command
Marine Corps Materiel Command
Marine Corps Recruiting Command
Marine Corps Reserve Support Command
Marine Corps Security Force Battalion
Training & Education Command

1st Marine Division
2nd Marine Division
3rd Marine Division
4th Marine Division

Marine Corps Detachment Aberdeen Proving Grounds
Marine Corps Detachment Fort Benning
Marine Corps Detachment Fort Bliss
Marine Corps Detachment Fort Gordon
Marine Corps Detachment Fort Huachuca
Marine Corps Detachment Fort Knox
Marine Corps Detachment Fort Leonard Wood
Marine Corps Detachment Fort Meade
Marine Corps Detachment Fort Sill
Marine Corps Detachment Naval Station Newport

Marine Forces
Marine Forces Atlantic
Marine Forces Europe
Marine Forces Korea
Marine Forces Pacific
Marine Forces Reserve
Marine Forces South
Marine Forces Unitas

Training / Schools
Assault Amphibian School
Financial Management School
Marine Air Ground Task Force Staff Training Program
Marine Aviation Training Support Group 21
Marine Aviation Training Support Group 22
Marine Aviation Training Support Group 23
Marine Aviation Training Support Group 33
Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One
Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools
Marine Corps Communication Electronics School
Marine Corps Distance Learning Center
Marine Corps Engineer School
Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center
Marine Corps University
Officer Candidates School
Special Operations Training Group - II MEF
The Basic School
Training Information Management System
Weapons And Field Training Battalion Camp Pendleton

Other Listings
Anti-terrorism Force Protection
Communication-Electronics Technician's Network
I Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Group
Joint Communications Unit
Marine Barracks 8th & I
Marine Corps Base Brig Quantico
Marine Corps Institute
Marine Corps Marathon
Marine Corps Studies System
Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity
Marine Corps Warfighting Lab
Marine Junior ROTC Program
School of Infantry East
Security Force Battalion FAST company
United States Marine Band, "The President's Own"


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