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Marine Corps Assignments & Moving

Marine Corps (USMC)Assignments & Moving. Information and Resources about assignments and moving in the United States Marine Corps (USMC).
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Becoming a Special Operations Marine
The Marine Corps is continuing to expand its special operations command, and now male Marines in any MOS can apply.

Combat Training Instructor Duty
Since established as a Special Duty Assignment in Oct. 2002, the MCT instructor billet, MOS 8513, offers Marines an alternative to drill instructor duty and recruiting duty. While it may be a substitute, it still fulfills the B-billet or SDA requirement, which most feel is necessary to advance in the staff NCO ranks.

Commandant Wants All Marines to Deploy
Marine officials are working to identify the approximately 33,000 Marines who have not been tapped for service in Iraq or Afghanistan and get them to deployable units. The effort was initiated after Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. James Conway put out an all-Marine message announcing his intent to get "every Marine to the fight."

Dedicated Marksmen Duty
In the early days of the Corps, leathernecks were recruited to sit atop high masts on U.S. Naval vessels to pick-off enemies during ship-to-ship battles with their muzzle-loaded muskets. Designated marksmen currently sit on the rooftop of U.S. Embassies, guarding the lives of Marines, U.S. State Department workers and others who work on the embassy grounds.

Drill Instructor Duty
Drill Instructor Duty is considered one of the most honored and valuable positions a Marine can hold, and is absolutely vital to the process of making Marines.

Humanitarian Assignments
It's an unfortunate truth that sometimes during a military career, a member may experience a severe family hardship which requires his/her presence to resolve, with circumstances which make resolving it with emergency leave impractical.

Marines are Pulling Out of Okinawa
Some 7,000 Marines of the headquarters of the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force will relocate from Okinawa, Japan, to Guam over the next six years as part of recommendations accepted by the United States and Japan on October 29 (2005).

PCSHouse provides on and off base housing and general information about Navy and Marine Corps locations worldwide.

Recruiting Duty
An average week for a Marine Corps Recruiter is Monday through Saturday and sometimes Sunday. The workday can easily begin at 5 a.m. and end as late as 9 p.m. and beyond. He will drive over 1,800 miles, work in excess of 60 hours, make 500 phone calls, conduct 15 interviews and process two new working applicants at the Military Entrance Processing Station.

Scout Sniper Assignments/Qualifications
To become a Marine Corps sniper, applicants must pass a two-day screening. In total for the two days, applicants get about four hours of sleep. Following the screening, they attend a four-week local snipers basic course, followed by a six month probation period, which may include attendance at the Formal Scout Sniper School.

Security Guard Duty
The U.S. has embassies all over the World in order to protect and oversee American interests in foreign nations. It is the duty of Marine Security Guards to ensure the embassies are safe from any threat, in any place at any time. They are responsible for the internal security of embassies in 115 different countries.

Security Guard Duty
In addition to wanting to meet and overcome the challenges, physical and mental, of earning the title 'Marine,' one reason Marines give for joining the Corps is a chance for travel and adventure. Perhaps no other billet in the Marines, or any service, can live up to this desire more than Marine Security Guard duty.

Water Survival Instructor Duty
The instructors' days are spent teaching Marines young and old the proper techniques to use in the water. From basic survival strokes, to rescues, to simulated situations one might face in combat, the instructors are a wealth of knowledge in all areas related to water survival.

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