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Military Magazines and Publications

Military Magazines and Publications. Various online magazines and publications of special interest to personnel in the armed forces.
  1. Air Force Mags and Pubs (4)
  2. Army Magazines and Pubs (4)
  3. Marine Magazines and Pubs (1)
  4. Navy Magazines and Pubs (3)

Military Matters
Archived online editions of Military Matters, the twice-weekly About.com U.S. Military Newsletter.

All about a new magazine for military family members, from your About.com Guide to Pensacola.

Fed Week
Weekly online newsletter for government civilian employees and postal workers.

Government Executive Magazine
The online edition of the Government's official magazine for civilian managers.

The Wit and Wisdom of America's Number One Military Columnist.

Military Living Publications
This site offers a wide variety of military publications for sale, mostly dealing with recreational travel, such as Space A guides, R&R maps, billeting procedures, etc.

Military Magazine
Online monthly magazine for Military History stories written by the men and women who were there.

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