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Military Retirement, Military Veterans, and Employment

Information and resources about life after being in the military, including information for military retirees, military veterans, and employment information for those with military experience.
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Career Decisions -- Self Assessment
Retiring or separating from the military? Have you ever said to yourself, "I don't know what I want to do after I get out?" Career Planning Dawn Rosenberg McKay has authored an outstanding article about self assessment for a career change.

Article detailing various benefits available to military veterans.

Military Records
You can order a copy of your military records, or -- if you are a "Next of Kin," you can order military records for a deceased veteran. Additionally, you can request "public" portions of records for other veterans.

Disabled Veteran Medical Priority
The Veterans Affairs Department wants to send veterans with service-connected medical problems to the front of the line when it comes to receiving medical treatment at VA facilities. VA Secretary Anthony J. Principi issued a new directive to all VA medical facilities requiring that "priority access" be given to qualifying veterans seeking appointments for treatment.

Funeral Support
New law, effective 1 Jan 2000, mandating DOD funeral support for all armed forces retirees and veterans.

Getting Out of the Military? Watch Out for Employment Scams
Posting his resumé online seemed like a savvy move for one Airman here who plans to separate in August, move to Dallas and start college. However, instead of leads to gainful employment, the experience took Senior Airman Christopher Kissell dangerously close to the unwanted role of scam victim.

Transitioning Out of the Military
If you’re in the military and considering leaving active duty, you can be sure of two things: (1.) this is going to be one of the hardest decisions you will have to make and (2.) taking the time to research your options so that you’re able to make an educated decision about your next step can make all the difference in the world.

Draft Notice
Photo-copy of a 1961 Vietnam-era Draft Notice.

Arlington National Cemetery
More than 285,000 people have been laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. Across its rolling hills stand the unadorned headstones of veterans from the Revolutionary War to the current struggle in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Alumni Associations
Site with listings of veteran alumni associations and contacts for all of the services.

Death & Burial Benefits
Death & burial benefits for active duty military and veterans.

Death Benefits
Complete listing of benefits offered to the heirs of retirees and veterans.

Military Records
Article on how to check someone's military record.

All the latest news concerning veterans and retirees from the Veterans News Information Service.

DD Form 215
Rebuilding Lost, Destroyed, Missing, Never obtained DD-214 Military Discharge Documents.

Disabled American Veterans
Nonprofit organization dedicated to the Veteran with service or war connected disabilities.

Donate a Web Page
Veterans asking the help of veterans in establishing a Web page, protesting the erosion of veteran benefits. The goal is to put up 100,000 Web pages.

Draft Casualties
Vietnam statistics for number of draft casualties, vs. number of volunteer casualties.

Draft Classification Codes
Vietnam Era Draft Classification Codes.

Gulf War Veteran's Resource Page
Web Site offering help and assistance to Gulf War Veterans.

Home Loans
Information about the VA Home Loan Program for veterans.

Memorial Page
Page dedicated to the memorial of deceased veterans. Visitors are allowed to listings for veterans they would like memorialized on the page.

Purple Heart
Military Order of the Purple Heart is a veteran's association, specifically sponsored to help veterans with war-related injuries.

VA Education Benefits
Education Benefits (including the G.I. Bill) provided by the Veterans Administration.

Veteran Benefits
Overview of benefits provided to U.S. military veterans, including health care, home loans, and other VA programs.

Veteran News and Information Service
Latest news and information for military veterans of all services.

Veteran Preference
Information about using veteran preference procedures in obtaining federal employment.

Veteran Stories Needed
Submit your favorite War Tale. This Site is collecting veteran stories to include in an upcoming book about veterans.

Veterans Oral History Project
Library project, developing video taped interviews of U.S. Veterans.

The Veterans Resources Network Association is a non-profit association educating veterans from all branches of the military about their rights to benefits from the Veterans Administration.

WWII Veterans Web Site
Information and assistance for veterans of WW II.

Veteran to Veteran
VA Forms, veteran statistics, veteran booklets, information, & veteran-related resources. Designed to empower veterans with knowledge.

Dog Tags Found in Vietnam
This site's sole purpose is returning dog tags found from Vietnam to their respective families. The site contains a list of dog tags found in Vietnam, and the sponsors are looking for families to return them to.

Benefit Factsheets
Various VA Fact Sheets, available in Microsoft Word.

Information about applying for VA disability for injuries, illness, and accidents which occured while on active duty.

SGLI & VGLI Information
Detailed Information about Serviceman's Group Life Insurance (Active Duty) and Veterans Group Life Insurance (Retired and Separated).

The Department of Defense (DOD)'s home page for the military (veteran) funeral program. Contains information on eligibility, procedures, and contact information.

Army Retirement Handbook
Handbook with loads of information for Army retirees including an explanation of the retirement system, employment restrictions, taxes, benefits, and more.

Veterans Day 11-11-11
A list of current freebies and discounts offered to Veterans to honor all those who served and are currently serving in the United States Military.

Veteran's Day Freebies
A list of current freebies and discounts offered to Veterans to honor all those who served and are currently serving in the United States Military.

11 Inspiring Programs Helping Veterans Get Back to School
The civilian world can be a tough adjustment for Veterans returning from military care. Fortunately, there are some programs for Veterans that offer assistance with success and furthering education.

Veterans Benefits
Veterans should be honored for their time served.

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