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Leave, Travel, and R&R

Military Leave, Travel, and R & R. Resources about military leave locations, discount, motels & hotels, military resourts, military flights, military space-A, and more.
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rovides air, hotel and rental car discounts and reservations, exclusively for military personnel, retired, and family of the military. 20% of all travel agent commissions will be donated to military related non profits.

R & R Leave for Troops in Iraq
Service members and Defense Department civilians on 12-month orders in Iraq and Jordan supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom now have a rest and recuperation leave program that will allow them to take up to 15 days, excluding travel time, to visit family or friends in the United States or Europe.

Airline Tickets (Free) For Wounded/Sick Military Heros
Although the Defense Department provides a travel entitlement for service members and their families in serious medical emergencies, the Fisher House Foundation is hoping to help those service members and families not covered under the rule.

Military Marriage & Honeymoons
Recent news articles have reported a dramatic upsurge in the number of military weddings. With continuing deployments and the future uncertain, it's no wonder so many couples are tying the knot. Join About's Honeymoon & Romatic Getaways Guide and I as we answer questions concerning military weddings and honeymoons.

American Airlines Offers Discounts
From now until January 2005, American Airlines is saying "Thank You" by offering substantial military discounts to all active duty personnel and their dependents.

BXs/PXs May Merge
DoD is working on a plan to consolidate the service exchanges under one roof. Congress must approve any move to merge the Army and Air Forces Exchange Service, the Navy Exchange and the Marine Corps Exchange. Provided the legislators give the go-ahead, it will still be "some years" down the road before the move occurs.

Conversions for time, monetary exchanges, measurements, and more.

Defense Travel system
DTS seamlessly automates the three DoD travel processes: authorization, reservation and voucher filing. Using DTS, travelers are able to generate travel authorizations, make trip reservations, and route travel requests for approval, all from their desktop workstation.

Military Living Publications
The largest publisher of military maps, atlases, and military travel books.

Spiritual Support
Shares the gospe with the military community. Provides ministering to military personnel, families, and youth.

USO Centers
Stop by and have some coffee and cake with your closest USO center duing your travels.

Recreational Activities
The Army Corps of Engineers is the nations leading federal provider of high-quality outdoor recreation opportunities for the general public.

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