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Military Space A Travel

Military Space A Travel. Information and resources about traveling space available on military aircraft.

Adventures in Space A
A general information article about Space A Travel by SSgt Randy Redman, 6th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs.

Baggage Allowances
How much can you take with you on a Space A flight? This factsheet from the Air Mobility Command gives the details.

General Space A Information
General information about Space A Travel from the Air Mobility Command. Document includes Space A Categories, tips for travel, frequently asked questions, and contact information for Space A Terminals.

Show Me The Way... To Fly Space-A!
A "Been There, Done That" article by Sarah J. Schmidt.

Space A Requests
This site allows you to enter your Space A Travel information, then it generates a travel request form and sends it to the Space A terminal of your choice.

Space A Tips
Tips for active duty and retirees when flying Air Force Space A.

Space A Travel FAQ
A very comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about Space A Travel.

Space A Travel Locations
A comprehensive list of military terminals who support Space A Travel.

Space A Travel Request Form
Interactive AMC Form 140. This information is required for space available travel registration.

Space A Travel Terminal Information
Useful information about many Space A Travel Terminals.

Space Available Travel Questions
People not familiar with the Space A system often do not know the questions to ask to make their travel easier. Here are some of the most common Space A questions and their answers.

Space-A travel: An Opportunity to See the World
A general information article about traveling Space A by Maj. Angela O’Connell - Tinker Public Affairs.

Space-A: Globe Trotter's Treasure
A "been there, done that article" about Space A Travel by By Jason Chudy, Stars and Stripes newspaper.

Travel Policiy for Dependents of Deployed Members
Military families now can access military-supplied air transport to travel to their official "homes of record" located outside the continental United States when their sponsors are deployed for 120 days or more.

Travel Tips
Space A Travel Tips from the Air Mobility Command.

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