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Lawyers Who Specialize in Military Law

Lawyers and law firms which specialize in military law matters.

Denmon & Denmon Law
Divorce/ Family Law Attorney in Tampa, Florida representing service-members and their spouses.

The Mayer Law Office
Description: Experienced trial attorney, former Infantryman, and West Point Graduate whose worldwide practice focuses on military law, courts-martial, and Department of Defense employment law.

Raymond J. Toney
Provides aggressive representation for military personnel in military administrative law matters such as Physical Disability Evaluation Boards, Boards for the Correction of Military Records, Administrative Separation Boards, Discharge Review Boards, and Parole and Clemency Boards. He was special interest in and experience with PTSD, TBI and other combat-related conditions.

Joseph W. Kastl
Specializes in court-martials, administrative boards, promotion appeals, and correction of military records appeals.

Mark S. Cohen
Denver Colorado based attorney who represents military members around the world in courts-martial and related military justice matters.

McCormack & Associates
Virginia-based law firm that provides world-wide legal representation on military law and related legal matters, including court-martial, article 15s, security clearances, administrative boards, and medical military malpractice.

Michael Waddington
Criminal defense lawyer defending service members worldwide at courts martial. Specializes in serious felonies.

Military Medical Malpractice
Works with dependents and retirees for military medical malpractice claims, world-wide.

Philip D. Cave
Consults with military members and family members about all aspects of military law.

Ryan, Mahon, and Brown
Law firm which specializes in medical malpractice claims for government health care.

W. Robb Graham
Specializes in medical malpractice case against the Veterans Administration. Handles cases in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and when appropriate through out the U.S.

William Cassara
Attorney who practices exclusively in the area of military law. Services include court-martial, appeals, boards, investigations, article 15s, records correction & discharge upgrades, and claims against the military.

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