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Military Law Enforcement Items

Military Surplus & Shopping - Military Law Enforcement Items.

Apparel and Gear Bags
Selection of law enforcement/fire fighting casual apparel and gear bags from Chief Supply.

Selection of badges from IMS.

Badges & Accessories
Custom badges, stock badges, badge cases, wallets, backers, and clips from Chief Supply.

Firefighting Equipment
Firefighting equipment, protective wear and supplies from Chief Supply.

Forced Entry Tools
Selection of forced entry tools and equipment from Bestdefense.com.

Modest selection of handcuffs from IMS.

Misc Law Enforcement Equipment
Misc. law enforcement equipment including MACE, holsters, handcuffs, and badges from Ted's Military Sales.

Police Gear
Law enforcement and police gear from Chief Supply.

Police Jackets
Outdoor Outfits police jackets from Bestdefense.com

Traffic and Crowd Control
Law Enforcement traffic and crowd control supplies and equipment from Chief Supply.

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